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QA Tutorials for Beginners | QA Testing Online Training | SDLC | QA interview questions | Agile

QA Tutorials for Beginners | QA Testing Online Training | SDLC | QA interview questions | Agile | QA Testing Tutorial for Beginners | Software Testing Tutorial for Beginners from H2kinfosys

Quality Assurance in Software Development Life Cycle.
Software Development Life Cycle real time scenarios explained:
Traditional model of Software Development Life Cycle has fallowing phases to complete a project.
Requirements, Analysis, Design including high level design (HLD) and Low Level Design (LLD), Coding, Implementation, and Maintenance.
Water Fall Model
Spiral Model
V Model
Iterative Model
Testing Phase:
In this phase QA testers of H2K tests this application with valid username and password and test for that it do not invalid username and password and tests the whole application and makes sure it produces the expected result, able to pay bills through all modes, etc checks whether it meets all the requirements.

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H2KInfosys is an E-Verify Employer based in Atlanta, GA USA providing world class services in IT Training, Software testing services, IT staffing solutions.

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  2. Video is targeted for online QA Testing training students. Architects involve in all phases of SDLC.
    Based on company, Design docs are prepared by individual developer with the help of Tech architects. Some times tech architects also involve developing design docs to help developers to make better architecture of the project. Technical architects involve in DB design with DBA, Linux config with linux admins. In this video, we try to cover enough info for beginners in QA Testing Training.

  3. good vid, Mam i just moved to united states,and iam beginner ,and wanted to learn qa is it possible for beginner to learn everything in 30 or 35 days course .thanks

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