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Possibly the Best Tripod for iPhone Product Photography! ESDDI Camera Tripod TP-80

Guys, I think I might have found the best value Tripod for your iPhone product photography, even can be used for any type of photography or video filming with your iPhone.

I wanted to find a reasonably priced tripod to perform professional looking product photos for Instagram, Amazon and Etsy using just my iPhone. This looks like a winner!

I’m living this Tripod and for the price, it’s amazing. I bought this for £75 and what a bargain. I can’t wait to start shooting some awesome iPhone product photos for you guys on this channel.

ESDDI Camera Tripod 75 inches (TP-80)

UK Amazon

Update 18/03/2021
It looks like this Tripod is out of stock in the UK and US and will possibly be discontinued and replaced with an updated model. I have contacted ESSDI and they currently still have stock with Amazon Germany:

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  1. Just got the one on the German site for a US delivery- you mentioned there isn’t an iPhone adapter, do you mind sending the link for what to buy? Thanks for the product specific video!!

  2. I was hunting for a decent tripod to use with my iphone and yours was the first video to come up. Unfortunately the tripod ESDDI Camera Tripod TP-80 is not listed on amazon grr. Good review though bro.

  3. Loved the video..subscribed. How come you have not put more content out? This was fantastic!!! Can really see you doing well on YouTube. Get more videos up!!!! I’m going to check that tripod out now!

  4. This was a really good first video – I've subscribed and hope you post more soon! Definitely a channel I would watch often 😀

  5. This was your first video!? Woah dude, this was fantastic! You should start making more, I think you could grow quite well with this type of quality.

  6. I didn't see the mounting bracket for the smartphone?? Does this model come with one? I'm buying this model for my Nikon D5500, I would like to use this tripod for my smartphone as well.

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