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Photoshop Quick Tip – How to make dotted lines and arrows

This photoshop quick tip tutorial explains how to make dotted lines and use them in various ways.
An easy to learn explanation with less amout of time to be spent upon.
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  1. When I use the "line" tool, it isn't a thin rectangle as is shown in this video. I tried playing with the width and height options but that didn't change anything about the line. So I'll have to find another tutorial.

  2. thank you for explaining this, no one else could tell me why the line dashed feature was not working properly. ty

  3. The control click and drag doesn;t work so there's no practical way to control the line spacing. When I enter the spacing manually the whole line length changes which is a mess. I'll keep trying but I;m assuming they "fixed" how it works so now it doesn;t work. As it stands it's useless. The arrow function is brain dead simple so why can't dot spacing work by entering the value then just dragging? Bad design and it doesn;t even work in the current version. Photoshop is my favorite software but some of the functions are still nonsensical and I;ve used it for 25 years.

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