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Photoshop Photo To Pencil Drawing and Sketch – Complete Guide

How to turn a photo into a pencil sketch or drawing in Photoshop CC and CS6, plus how to create a color sketch effect using the photo’s original colors, a single color and a gradient!
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Step 1: Open your image (1:02)
Step 2: Duplicate the Background layer (1:07)
Step 3: Desaturate the layer (1:32)
Step 4: Duplicate the desaturated layer (1:54)
Step 5: Invert the layer (2:08)
Step 6: Change the blend mode to “Color Dodge” (2:23)
Step 7: Convert the layer into a Smart Object (2:48)
Step 8: Apply the Gaussian Blur filter (4:00)
Step 9: Add a Levels adjustment layer (6:37)
Step 10: Change the layer blend mode to “Multiply” (7:06)
Step 11: Lower the layer opacity (7:17)

How To Create A Color Sketch Using The Photo’s Original Colors

Step 12: Duplicate the Background layer again (7:43)
Step 13: Move the copy to the top of the layer stack (8:05)
Step 14: Change the layer blend mode to “Color” (8:20)
Step 15: Lower the layer opacity (8:53)

Create A Color Sketch Using A Single Color

Step 16: Turn the top layer off (8:53)
Step 17: Add A Solid Color fill layer (9:12)
Step 18: Choose your color from the Color Picker (9:29)
Step 19: Chane the blend mode to “Color” (9:46)
Step 20: Lower the layer opacity (9:57)
Step 21: Try different colors (10:04)

How To Color The Sketch With A Gradient

Step 22: Turn off the Solid Color fill layer (10:38)
Step 23: Add a Gradient fill layer (10:49)
Step 24: Choose a gradient (10:57)
Step 25: Change the layer blend mode to “Color” (12:08)
Step 26: Lower the layer opacity (12:22)

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  1. I *NEVER* take the time to leave comments for stuff like this, but I had to this time becasue this tutorial is MASTERFUL and saved me enough time to write this! Thank you, Steve!

  2. Your Photoshop tutorials are the best that I have seem. Many say that they have 5 easy steps, whom are they trying to fool? I have two monitors and can follow your instructions. I stop when need and use Photoshop to check how it works. Thank you for making it really useable.

  3. Brilliant. Very clear walk-through, done at an easy pace. Waaaaay better than the built-in filters. Recorded as I went, now have a useful Action to apply to a directory of images. Thank you! You saved me a ton of time.

  4. Ohh my god.. really I don't find any tutorials like ur .. u r so so awsm
    Ur way of defining each lit things ND the way u teached us is really so helpful ND mind-blowing .
    Thank u so much
    Plz plz keep doing 👍😊

  5. Thank you very much for the video. Well done!
    I have a question, in the minute 2:07, you made a copy of the black and white layer in order to make the inversion. Why the inversion does not work in the original black and white layer?
    Great job you do!

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