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Photoshop CC 2021 setup guide for Windows 10 tablets with stylus and Tablet Pro plus top 5 hotkeys

Adobe latest Photoshop 2021 is full of new features. With a ton of crazy new tech and artificial intelligence. learn how to use Photoshop 2021 on a tablet inside of Windows 10 using Tablet Pro. Misguide will specifically teach you shortcuts and set up for digital artist using photoshop for painting

#Photoshop #TabletPro #DigitalArt

@PiXimperfect @Adobe Photoshop @Tablet Pro

⭐ – Install guide for Tablet Pro hotkeys and on screen keyboard shortcuts with download link in the description – ⭐

2 button stylus made for art
Website for Tablet Pro and download for presets

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  1. Just a technical tip. You should really do a audio pass on your videos and at least normalize the audio. This video is extremely low volume compared to anything else.

  2. Thumbs up. I'd like to see Fresco next. I know it doesn't have a lot of shortcuts but, i am interested how you have it set up with your Tablet/Pen Pro, also.
    FYI… I totally forgot about Fresco; I just downloaded it the day before. Some official Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert I am – haha

  3. What is the difference between a R520 & R520BT?
    I have the 520 also as you know. And again, I still prefer the Surface Pen in most cases, only using the 520 when I want ultra fine lines.
    You ask me why a few months back and I can give a better answer as to why I prefer the Surface Pen:
    I have a light touch with pencil on paper. This transitions to tablets & digitizers as well.
    I have to press too hard with the R520 to get thick lines. Also, I like the flip to erase on the Surface Pen. I've pen using a Wacom for so long, it actually drives me nuts, not to flip & erase.

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