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Nikon Z6ii And Z7ii Menu Setup (Wildlife Photography)

In this video, I’ll show you my menu setup for the Nikon Z6ii and Z7ii mirrorless cameras. Includes by step instructions with lots of tips and tricks along the way.

As mentioned in this video, I have a number of related videos that dive deeper into some of these setups.

(Note that video is for the gen 1 mirrorless, but it all still applies with the exception of Apply Settings To Live View since I usually leave that on all the time now.)

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  1. Hi Steve, I have just recently purchased a Nikon Z7II. I don't understand as to why the camera changes the exposure compensation on its own even when I am shooting in manual mode? This is really annoying because the new setting sometimes makes my photos either over or under exposed. Is there anyway I can override this? I look forward to your reply. Many thanks! John

  2. Steve, while many offer 'How To" advice, your videos continue to step up with understandable and usable help in a friendly and educational way that just works. I've shot for over 40 years and still continue to learn new products and techniques by watching and sharing… in other words, I don't read the manuals. 😉 So, if you need an assist with threading an 8mm film projector or getting that pile of audio tape wound back into an eight track cartridge …

  3. Just spent the afternoon sitting out on my back porch shooting birds visiting a couple of feeders I have set up – with both my D6 and my Z7ii – with a 500mm f4 on the Z and 500mm f5.6 on the D6. The auto focus was night and day – the D6 made the Z look pathetic. Even easy stuff like focusing on a green bird feeder with trees in the background was simple and quick for the D6. The Z struggled with it. I was almost ready to throw it over the fence I was so frustrated. This is not even bifs. Anyway what a disappointment. It does seem to do a bit better with the native Z mount 70-200 with a 1.4 tele but not much. I guess I’ll break out Steve’s ebook again but I’m fairly certain I’ve mastered the basics that are letting me down with the Z7ii. Oh well I suppose I can use it to take pictures of my cat as long as he’s not moving.

  4. Hey thanks for great video. Question: How did you record the menu? The camera does not send any output through my video capture card when I press the camera menu button.

  5. As I followed along with my Z5 in hand, for the most part, the settings were as described. Thank you for your time and effort. You are one of the most informative and no BS YouTubers going.

  6. This is excellent Steve and I set my Z7II like this;) But I think with the new firmware update you can now assign the fn1 button to focus mode/af-area mode now. Also for mechanical shutter and electronic shutter can we just set that to auto or is it better to choose which one you need?

  7. Hi Steve. Just brought the Z6 II. But I have a issue with it, My nikon 500 5.6 PF lens VR is permanently on while the camera is on.
    I thought it should only get activated when the shutter button is half pressed. this is such a drain on the battery.
    Is there a setting in the camra to fix this.

  8. I looked at your website at your books. I have the z6 II. Does your book on the z series cover everything about the auto focus on the z6 II or mostly the z6?

  9. I so wanted this camera! after months of research I purchased it but sadly my z6 ii with kit lens front focuses really bad I know you can adjust it in camera but I shouldn't have to with a new camera.

  10. I know it may be a while before you respond, but I thought I would ask. Why do I only have three options on my Z 6 II for the viewfinder options? The viewfinder only is not showing as an option. Maybe some one who reads this may know the answer. I have all four set in the menu.

  11. Questions:
    Can you help me understand why there is no blackout in high+ but there is blackout in high standard?
    Also, do you think the Zii's have the potential to be updated to good no blackout trackers like the Sony and Canon cameras?

  12. Hi Steve! AF Area Mode is now selectable with our Z cameras on the front function buttons (feel free to give it a try!) Great video! Cheers /Chris.

  13. Hi Steve, just got my Z6 II and I enjoyed your video as it helps me to get started real quick. It’s beyond me why you got four dislikes, it’s pretty straight forward and helpful. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

  14. Great video! You’re an excellent instructor. I’m not particularly tech savvy, but I can usually follow along. I’m getting the Z6ii as soon as it becomes available at B and H, and this video (as well as several others you have posted) will be extremely helpful. Thanks!

  15. Hi Steve – great video. Two comments – the Fn2 button can be programmed for AF Area modes using the front and rear control dials. I've programmed the Fn1 button to zoom – to 100% but you can choose the amount. I use Zoom both pre-shot to check focus or head position and post shot for image review.

  16. Hi Steve, I will rely on your opinion in terms auto focus performance of your Z cameras compared to competition. There are all sorts of reviews out there so it is difficult to judge and many of the opinions very one sided and more focused on bashing other sustems. If Nikon is behind bu a big margin then that is what it is but understanding how much bad or good is important for many.

    Thanks for tour great work as always.

  17. I wish there was an option to access my menu with a shortcut like we had in D850. Also seem like all he button on the right side, but to review the image I have to use my left hand, I wish I can problem that to right side. Any thoughts ?

  18. Hi Steve, in this video you downplay the video part of the Z7II camera and yet you shoot videos to display here? Are you using some other brand for these tutorials? Thanks

  19. Hi Steve, need your valuable suggestion on one of my confusion. I own a D 850 , Nikon 24-120 mm f/4 VR , Nikon Micro Nikkor 105 mm f/2.8 VR, Nikon 200-500 mm f/5.6 VR, Nikon 50 mm f/1.8 D, Nikon AF-S VR 70-300 mm VR. Now I am thinking to buy Nikon 70-200 mm f/2.8 FL ED VR……I am not in a position to shift to Mirrorless sooner…may be a few years from now ( 2,3 or 4 years). SHALL I WAIT AND BUY A 70-200 f/2.8 Z Lens after I switch to Mirrorless? Or Shall I stop confusing and buy the F mount now? I am saying this as in some reviews I came across the views that Z Mount lenses are much better optically than F mount lenses. So, will it be wise to invest in F mount lens now or wait ? Please guide !

  20. This is perfect, Steve! Today I just picked up my z7 ii after 3 months of pre order. Looks like I will finally be able to come somewhat close to replacing my d850 I sold a couple years ago.

  21. Thank you, Steve! You're always such a great instructor! Just set up my new Z7ii and can't wait to go and shoot. Love your new music, also. Not as jolting as your old intro was. I have all your ebooks and refer to them all the time.Thanks again.

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