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Nikon Z6 ii Subject Tracking how to get the most out of it! #Nikon #Z6ii

#Nikon #Z6ii

Hey guys back with another video on the #Nikon #Z6ii where we will debunk the myth that it is difficult to use!! I was a little confused by a recent comment on YouTube regarding the awkwardness of subject tracking on the Z system, so I wanted to make this video showing how I use it and how easy it is to use. See it in action and I show you how I set it up.

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  1. Nice one, I've had the Z6 II since it came out and just went out and used it. I never really sat down and investigated the subject tracking and custom Fn buttons, so I'm glad I watched this and have set up the function button as described, so thanks for giving a good insight on what to do.

  2. Brilliant, thank you for this video; just bought a Z6ii yesterday (A9, R5, R6 user) I am really enjoying the Nikon ; getting used to the different lens mount and barrel twists.

  3. hello, can you please explain, in auto area eye detetcion, the difference between subject tracking FN1 and tap with finger on lcd ? does "tap" makes also subject tracking ?
    How is subject tracking working ? does it focus on the body in general (skate boarder body so blur head) or tries to find a face and a eye ?

  4. Barry great video as I’ve taken the plunge and bought a Z6ii. I can’t find subject tracking on my f1 menu. Any idea what I’m doing wrong. Cheers Mick

  5. Lovely video, defo will come handy for fast moving subjects. Quick question, can you change the size of the subject tracking box (make it smaller/larger)? Thank you!

  6. nice tuto. I have now configured FN1 for AF/focus and FN2 for subject tracking. In fact, I find the front sub dial reel hard to turn when i have a finger on FN2 configured as AF so now, one press on far FN2 button is easier. How did you configure OK button and sub selector center ? i have configured OK button for zoom (shooting and review) and sub selector center as RESRET focus point on center but I must say that i have difficulties when i use EVF to find AF-ON, subselector, OK,… with my fingers 🙂 Do you use back button focus ? you seem to half press on shutter button.

  7. Great video. I’ve set up my Z6 Fn1 button to activate subject tracking too and it works great, but only in Auto-Area AF. On the Z6ii does the Fn1 button press activate subject tracking in other focus area modes too?

  8. Hey Barry great vid. I notice in your video when you click subject tracking and move you camera off the subject to recompose the box actually leaves the subject a bit then settles just off the subject… this at a low aperture would render the subject out of focus (depending on the distance away from the camera), is this correct and does this happen?

  9. OK but regarding wildlife you can't move around your camera quickly when you are e.g. in a hide because the movement would scare wary wildlife off. The focusing point should be moved in the frame (manually I suppose) in this case in order to catch the subject and then do the tracking, right?

  10. The guy with the exploded cat on the head, found it difficult to move the subject tracking box and complained that Nikon is bs… obviously user error.

  11. When I try to set up the Fn1 button for focus tracking, I don't see that option! It will just let me change the focus mode (like the factory default setting for the Fn2 button) but it doesn't seem to go back and forth between focus modes when I release the button like your video shows. What am I missing?

  12. I subscribed, video was promising enough. My Z6 ii is a week old and pretty well set up. I need to practice, but trying to stay safe. I’m near Toronto, and old, so I’m careful. Was hoping for a super clear explanation, but I was somewhat disappointed. It was not clear what the initial setup on the boy was, when you pressed F1 and released it. Was that before you moved to the girl? Did you repress F1?

  13. I'm trying to tell everyone, and no one will hear me. Please don't take this the wrong way. I mean no offense. As soon as youtuber's start to type or say things like "debunking the myth of", you're killing the brand. The language takes whatever problem I'm focused on and places it front and center as a big enough problem to be "debunked". Or WORSE, it highlights a problem I didn't think, or know, was a problem. I have two BH photo windows open right now, one filled with Canon and one filled with Nikon. A video likes this stops me in my tracks. I watched this happen to Olympus over the last 16 months… every video focused on perceived problems, and proving them wrong (somewhat ineffectively too). Instead of focusing on what it could really do – it is not a good look. It places the perceived problem first, and that's very sticky.

    I suggest replacing a hypothetical phrase of "here I debunk the myth that it's hard to use" simply with "My Z6II XYZ feature is so easy to use, I love it. Let me show you."

    Otherwise, now I stop and attempt to discover if what this other person said is true, for me, or not. This is in direct opposition to me just thinking the camera is easy to use. After watching your video, and I have seen the other video you are speaking of, I think the truth is it's a comparison. It's not so much that's it's awkward, period. It's that it's more awkward than … that other camera that just does this same thing without the pressing of any buttons.

    Keep up the good work, but I highly recommend the discontinuation of the words "debunk" or "myth" from the vernacular like yesterday. Watch almost any Robin Wong video and then try to convince yourself to buy an Olympus camera. Like, actually load the camera and some lenses into the cart at BH and see if you feel really hesitant to click that buy button. Despite the fact that these are actually awesome little cameras, you might instead focus on all of those problems instead. You'll see what I mean rather quickly. You'll also notice the infighting in your own comments.

    From the outside as a semi-pro consumer who is about to purchase one of these brands, here's what it looks like. The Nikon provides more value, especially when you consider the price of the 1.8 S primes. The initial cost to get the camera and the two major zooms (oops that 70-200 isn't ready yet) is not enough of a difference in price to sway me, about $1000 more for the canon overall. But the price of the 1.2 L glass is really prohibitive, and they look large and heavy. The Nikon lenses look fabulous in seeing images on Flickr, they also seem smaller and lighter – something welcome. Nikons most recent layoffs doesn't look good, and who wants to invest in a company that is on the edge? No 70-200 yet, questionable FTZ adapter, and Ken Rockwell saying "don't buy it", Fro railing while loving at the same time, Taylor saying any deficiencies don't bother him at all and he works around them to get the glass and lighter weight. Then the "defense" videos and "defense" comments start, and it becomes increasingly difficult to make the decision. That's the over-all landscape to a prospective photography educated buyer, right now. Nikon needs ground game, right now, without defense. Just unapologetic ground game.

  14. Thank you Barry for putting together a bunch of really helpful videos that showcase the focusing and tracking capabilities of the Z6ii. I also really like the fact that you use older F mount lenses, and sometimes even DX lenses to demonstrate the performance of this camera. This is very useful, especially for hobbyists or professionals who are just starting their photography business. I am a hobbyist shooting the D500 and own a few DX lenses ( I am contemplating a mirrorless for more than two years now… being able to reuse DX lenses on a full frame mirrorless is something I am really curious about. The second aspect that I would love to hear about is the performance of non-native glass like the sharp Tamron G2 and Rokinon/Samyang lenses with the Z6 ii. It would be fantastic if you can shed some light on these areas in your upcoming videos. Thank you!

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