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Nikon Z6 – Here are the TOP video features

I’m excited to be testing out the top video features of the Nikon Z6. I’ll be looking out how this camera produces colors, details, slow motion, and low-light footage. There are tips and tricks in the BTS as well! ►

*Special Thanks to Nikon for partnering with me and sponsoring this video*

I wanted to demonstrate my morning ritual of making matcha tea, while testing the Nikon Z6 auto focusing. For slow motion capture, I thought to use some holi coloring powder which really helped to show how crispy the slow motion footage can be with this mirrorless camera. Lastly, that low-light capability! I was fortunate enough to have a friend demonstrate a fire dance for this sequence and I was able to get the Nikon Z6 ISO settings up to 20,000 while producing VERY usable footage!

All in all, this camera is fire ya’ll! The footage is crispy, the auto focus is sticky, and the low light is great. I’m definitely going to be making more content with the Nikon Z6 soon.

Here are the time codes for the behind the scenes footage:
Matcha: 01:15
Colored Powder: 02:54
Footage Review: 06:03
Fire Dance: 07:45

Holi Color Powder:
Matcha Tea Set:


Nikon Z6:
Nikon Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 lens:
Peak Design Travel Tripod:
Rode Video Micro:
Aputure 120d:
Aputure Tri-8c:
Quasar Science QLED:

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  1. Hello Kitty, 😀

    Interesting. At first I thought you were cooking with those powders.

    You can use higher ISOs in video without seeing the grain. It moves with each frame, so it's less noticeable.

    You didn't keep the Nikon, though, did you? I thought one of your other videos showed what… a Panasonic? (I watch many videos)

    So far, this is the very best hair style I've seen on you.

    All the best!

  2. That "follow feature" she did with the guy's hand has been standard on the Panasonic FZ for years. I am wondering what the focal length is actually like with this camera though. Or is this model just more for portrait and close-ups?

  3. Would love to see similar shots with an X-H1 or X-T3 to see how the fuji's cope with the darks and highlights as well as focus tracking in dim lit situations with latest FW. Wanted a Z7 for awhile, but now that the funds are with me, I am on the fence between one of the aforementioned Fuji's(likely X-H1 for ergonomics and stabilization) and Z7 or maybe Z6 (8k in camera timelapse is only reason for Z7 preferenceover Z6).

  4. Nikon Z6 aside, the inspiration from this review was on point. I not only sub'd with the bell I added this to my favorites playlist. (*my favs p'list has 8 videos now 9 and I sub 300+ channels)

  5. I'm primarily a photographer and I bought the Z6 to replace a broken D610. I've shot some video with the Z6 but I've always been the B cam guy. With the need to shoot more and more video I was considering what camera to get next to fill that void. I have been checking out the specs of the GH5s, BMPCC4K, etc. with a budget under $2000. We shoot a lot of indoor stuff in dimly lit bars, theaters, studios, etc, where you don't necessarily have the ability to add light.After watching this video I'm starting to think that I already have that camera and now I just need to use it more. BTW, SFBA local here down in DC.

  6. The Z6 is a fantastic camera and I ended up switching from Sony after I tried it out. It did have a rough start when it was first released but now things have gotten better. Firmware updates and new lenses have made the Z6 a worthy challenger to the Sony A7III.

  7. copped that z a few months back dude i just shot a ton of fire spinners that have this like, THING across the street from my house. you'd geek. this is weird seeing a nikon in your hand not gonna lie i thought i was the only one

  8. Hi Kitty. Great video! I'm planning to buy the Z6, and I wanted to know you thoughts on lenses. The body and the 24-70, f4 lens you used in the video, if purchased together cost around $2400, but I was thinking about buying the body only ($1800), plus the 24-70, f2.8 lens ($2300), bringing the total up to $4100. Do you think the 2.8 lens is worth the extra cost, or is the f4 lens fine?

  9. The Z6 is a wonderful camera and it’s a shame that it has been bashed so hard by sooo many self appointed pundits. In fact, like my Z6 so much that I sold most of my Sony gear and am considering getting a 2nd Z6.

  10. Hi Kitty! Thank you so much for this video, cleared my thoughts about all the hate about Nikon z6 around here in India.
    I am a wedding photographer based in India, and I am planning to get myself into wedding cinematography. I have a budget to buy (or I am planning to buy) Nikon z6 only body with adaptor, a zhiyun crane 3 and rode video mic pro plus. As of gear I own is Nikon D810, Tamron SP 24-70 mm f/2.8 and Nikon 50mm f/1.8. Do you think the video kit I am going for will be good or should I get a native Nikon 24-70 lens z-series lens, instead of zhiyun crane 3 or rode mic, or both.

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