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NIKON Z SERIES – 2 MINUTE TIPS #9 = split screen on the nikon z6 & nikon z7

#9 & afraid drifted up to 3 minutes but I wanted to include a little more detail – one of the advantages of mirrorless cameras like the Nikon Z-series (nikon z6 & nikon z7) is the level of customisation available – here we look at the ability to use split screen display.


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  1. Interesting, Adrian. Very much so. I would have never looked into this feature, had I not seen your 2 minutes. Basically it helps with seeing depth of field, is that the rationale, or are there other use cases? Would be nice if I could focus on the foreground in one half screen, the background in the other, thus indicating the edges of depth of field I would require and the camera next computing aperture and focus setting for the focal length I have on (or have set on a zoomlens).

  2. Very nice video. Adrian, you are doing a really great job with this channel. You have very quickly become one of my favorite photography related channels. I came across you while I was researching the Z6 a bit before I recently purchased mine. I love your 2 minute tips! You also have a fantastic delivery and explain everything very well. I find your content very informative and highly relevant to my shooting. Cheers and keep up the great work.

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