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NIKON Z SERIES – 2 MINUTE TIPS #76 = monitor & viewfinder brightness on the nikon z50, z5, z6 & z7

#76 & keeping around 2 mins. This video looks at the monitor and viewfinder brightness options in the nikon z series mirrorless cameras – Z50, Z5, Z6 & Z7. A simple set of options but often overlooked.


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  1. The downside if this is that you then lose the ability to judge the exposure and effect of compensation (if any) if you are using the monitor/viewfinder to judge that, no? I realize you have the histogram et al.

  2. Thanks Adrian. Usually shoot though the eye piece but interestingly I was out earlier today and could have done with this tip,ten as I was taking a low down shot using the screen 😂. Thanks

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