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NIKON Z SERIES – 2 MINUTE TIPS #74 = Shutter speed and aperture lock on the nikon z6 & z7

#74 & a little closer to 2 mins than the previous video and looks at the shutter speed and aperture lock options in the nikon z series mirrorless cameras – Z6 & Z7.


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  1. Thanks! For those wondering why in the world you'd want to do this, I shoot portraits with set lights. I have photographers who in the past have knocked the setting wheel to change either shutter or aperture. It can be minor, (I stop) or major. (Black image because shutter gets pushed to 1/1000) I've been wanting Nikon to do this for years!

  2. I just bought a used Z6 and it is sticking sometimes at 8000 shutter speed in manual mode. It will eventually unstick itself. Also it is sticking at 8000 shutter speed in aperture priority mode.

    One other idiosyncrasy, when in aperture priority mode, and using exposure compensation, after the first shot, the exposure doesn't stay locked in.

    Being new to this camera, I hope this is user error. If not, I can probably get my money back if I am quick enough. Your timely response would be greatly appreciated.

    By the way, the shutter speed is unlocked.

  3. I'm confused. Isn't shutter speed already locked to my selected shutter speed when I shoot in shutter priority? And isn't the aperture already locked to my set aperture when I'm shooting in aperture priority? Is the idea that the aperture can be locked in shutter priority and the shutter speed locked in aperture priority, allowing the iso to float?

  4. Nikon: 1) go to menu, 2) scroll to exposure element, 3) select element, 4)select lock, 5) exit menu.
    Fuji: 1) press lock button.

    Sure, you can use a custom button but then you have less custom buttons for use with other functions.

    I would like to buy a canon or nikon (I was a long time nikon film user), but the clumsy computerization that designers have prioritized over analog-like controls (same goes for car makers), has kept me away from canon and nikon.

  5. A bit confusing to me, in that when you are in A mode and set an aperture, don't you lock the aperture? Similar in S mode? Similar in M mode? I guess if you are turning of the camera and perhaps inadvertently moving a dial, this might be useful, but for a given session, is there a difference?

  6. Hi I watch all you're videos I am very much a beginner in photography although a couple of months back i
    purchased a Z7.Can you tell me doesn't
    Putting the camera in manual mode do the same as the method explained in you're video
    Thanks Mr M Wainwright.

  7. Hi Adrian, I don’t use this functionality and can’t see where I would although I can see pros using it where they want to standardize a series of shots, as you say, by keeping depth of field or shutter speed fixed and not subject to camera adjustments for attaining correct exposure

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