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NIKON Z SERIES – 2 MINUTE TIPS #11 = store points by orientation on the nikon z6 & z7

#11 & this one is a fun one – one of the advantages of mirrorless cameras like the Nikon Z-series (nikon z6 & nikon z7) is the level of customisation available – here we look at the ability to setup the camera to position the focus points depending on the orientation you are holding the camera.


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  1. I like this feature being available. I have to admit I probably use the camera in the same way as I'd work 45 years ago. Not using the AF point controls a lot. This is not a lack of flexibility or adaptability on my side, but a consequence of working consciously, so not doing "spray and pray". That said, I got punished at some point, when I moved from a 85/1.8 to a 85/1.4, in that focusing with a center AF point and next adjusting the framing, resulted in the pupils in a portrait being (just) out of focus. I am testing a newly acquired Z7 and if the eye-detect AF works well, I will integrate that in my shoot workflow (I distinguish pre-shoot workflow, shoot workflow, post workflow).

  2. That;s another great tip. Thank you. I'll try it when I get my Z6 back from the recall.

    After 2 weeks sans Z6, I'm beginning to think I was the only one to 'win' the recall raffle.

    Is there anyone else out there in similar circumstances.

  3. If you ever shoot straight down, like shooting a bunch of dishes on a table, the focus point will jump around on its own which is very annoying. Aside from that, it’s pretty neat 🙂

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