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NIKON Z SERIES – 2 MINUTE TIPS #1 = Customising the focus ring on the nikon z6 & nikon z7

2 minutes I promise! – one of the advantages of mirrorless cameras like the Nikon Z-series (nikon z6 & nikon z7) is the level of customisation available – one of the best tweaks is to the focus ring on the Z-mount lenses to unlock better functionality.


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  1. Often it's the little things that make the difference. What short cuts and tweaks have you found to enhance the functionality of your mirrorless cameras?

  2. Dear Adrian, thank you for the video. Now, I'v got the Z6II und use the Focus Ring for ISO-setting. The Problem: It works only in Manual Modus. Not in A, S or P.
    When the setting is on exposure compensation, it works only in A, S or P. Not in M.
    I don't no the reason why.

  3. Hi Ricci.
    I noticed that when i use the M setting for the light, this does not function. On the A setting it does. Is that right or do i make a mistake?
    Greetings Henk from Holland

  4. I like the idea of using the lens focus dial to adjust histogram quickly. I assume this means you have lost the ability to use manual focus? Can this be different in each U setting? Thanks Pete Claussen

  5. Great tip, and an ingenious function! I'm new to the Z line, and at a bridal shoot last week, I repeatedly lost autofocus by gripping the focus ring on the 85mm. The focus rings are rather large on these lenses, so the ability to shut off the ring's focus functionality means I can maintain autofocus with the shutter button or face/eye detection, while holding the lens with a sturdy grip. No more inadvertent manual focus overrides. Brilliant!

  6. Sir am from India.
    I have some problems with my stabilizer in z 6.
    When the stabilizer is on and pan left or right slowly some frames is freezing. Just like when the VR is on. I saw the same thing in brand new one also.
    You can also feel this.
    In video mode turn on the stabilizer then pan slowly and record.
    If we pan fast it's not coming. And in off mode also it's not getting.
    I completed to Nikon India and no response from them. In all z Series camera it's coming like this.

  7. I'd like to assign a function currently not available: constant EV exposure change in Manual mode. This has been available as long as the old Hasselblad V series with their Zeiss lenses (or before with other brands maybe). On these lenses, you set an exposure value (a combination of shutter speed and aperture), by unlocking shutter and aperture rings from each other. After setting, you rotate these together. If you started with setting 1/125 with f/8, then turning the ring to faster exposure gives 1/250 with f/5.6 and 1/500 with f/4, or going to more depth of field you would get 1/60 with f/11 or 1/30 with f/16. On these mechanical lenses, you cannot rotate beyond what the lens/shutter can do, so when you need to go to a faster shutter speed than available, you need to switch film cassette to a faster film, or when you need to go to more depth of field than available at the present LV, then switch to a slower film. Anyhow, my preference in general would be to use the ring for something important that does not accidentally ruin my shots.

  8. Well done! I'm enjoying these 2 minutes videos! Straight to the point! I have just one suggestion: try to cut the audio source a second earlier then the video. It would feel much more connected and fluid all together. I think it's called a J cut. But in this types of videos there should be only a max 1 sec differenc between the two cuts, so when you gonna say something, than your already on the screen. I hope it make sense:)

  9. I shoot in AF-C mode most of the time and I find that using the focus ring with Peaking ON is incredibly helpful for fine tuning the focus. While holding my AF-ON button down and turning the focus ring, the mode switches to AF-S. You get focus peaking in addition to a green focus point box to confirm the focus. I would never give up that feature.

  10. The coolest aspect of using the focus ring for exposure compensation, is that the impact of turning the focus ring is instantly reflected in the screen or viewfinder. It's a game changer in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Best tip yet. Thanks Adrian. Exposure compensation on the focus ring had got to be quicker than the +- button and thumbwheel.
    I'm going to try it.
    Cheers Hamish

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