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Nikon School tips: How to set up the Nikon Z 7II | Testing for Landscape & Portrait photography

Which features are great on the Z 7II? Nikon School experts Neil Freeman and Ricci Chera’s share their thoughts and demonstrate what makes the Nikon Z7II stand out. Long exposure? Check out how the new extra shutter speeds helps you, what Neil & Ricci discover about the Z 7II and much handy tips in this video!

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  1. I'm curious about the bag you show at the beginning. I am looking for a replacement sling bag as I find my Thinktank too small for what I want to load to walk about with my Z6.

  2. 1:25 [Ricci Chera:] "the key thing to remember [after a long exposure] is not to turn your camera off, right? Because that will then break up the long exposure noise reduction. But once that's complete you then get your final raw file."
    Wait, what are you saying? The raw file is manipulated and not straight from the sensor? All people talking about a camera as if it only is a sensor are liars?
    Sarcasm intended, about such liars, or ignorant nitwits.
    Note to self: read the fine manual to figure out if long exposure and its subsequent noise reduction give two raw files.

  3. But I have a question …

    Why did Nikon eliminate the generation of a RAW file from multiple exposures in camera? it's a no-sense choice …

    Nikon was the first to introduce multiple exposure in the camera (I think with D700) and now it removes an existing functionality …

    Please report this!

  4. I love Nikon’s attention to detail. Those are just minor changes and not visible on spec sheets, but they make the life of a photographer so much easier and enjoyable. It would be nice if the extended long exposure could be backported to my Z7.

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