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Nikon Photography Tips: How to Shoot Long Exposures

Once you nail the basics and log some experience, the technique of long exposures can be relatively easy and result in some stunning images! How do you capture the soft and silky effect, purposeful motion blur or moving light? Watch now for our top three tips!

Gear info:
– Nikon Z 7:

– Mount Adapter FTZ:

– AF-S #NIKKOR 20mm f/1.8G ED:

#longexposure #phototips #Nikon #photographytips #tutorial

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  1. speaking of long exposure. Are we going to see a firmware update for the Z6/Z7 for the super long shutter speeds like you added to the new D780? Makes since being that the Z series is the flagship and all. It would also save on battery life compared to using bluetooh/wifi options.

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