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Nikon D850 | My Focus Settings | Bird & Wildlife Photography

These are my go to focus settings for the Nikon D850 when it comes to Bird & Wildlife Photography. They’ve completely changed the way I shoot and my keeper success rate has increased substantially. In my next video out in the field, I’ll talk more about the actual camera settings (ISO, Shutter, Aperture) I use.

All the gear in this video was bought and paid for by myself, it is in no way sponsored.

If you’re looking to buy the Nikon D850, you can use my Amazon affiliate link. A very small percentage of the sale helps my YouTube channel to keep producing more content, thank you in advance 🙂

Nikon D850
Nikon D750 (used as my backup camera)

My Vlogging Camera Gear:

GoPro Hero 7 Black
Ulanzi GoPro Cage
GoPro Audio Adaptor
Sony RX100 Mark III
Rode Wireless Go Radio Microphone
Canon 200D
Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod
Joby Gorillapod (3kg version)
Ulanzi Video Light (for night time shooting)
Rode Video Micro (Microphone)

All video footage and photographic images are
© Adrian Alford.

You can purchase my images on many different products, including canvas prints, photographic prints, clothing, phone cases, throw pillows, greeting cards and more. Delivery is worldwide and helps in the support of my YouTube channel. So any purchase, even very small is greatly appreciated.

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  1. One thing I need to ask, I do take images of people and other animals as well as landscapes, with the Auto focus turned off and those 3 areas now turned on, as said, my bird photography has turned out brilliantly but what do I use for those others I mentioned above Adrian? Do I go back and turn on Auto Focus destroying the settings of those 3 other auto focus areas initiated or …. ?

  2. Hey Adrian, thanks for the explanations in this video! Will you use Group Area AF in AF-C mode in order to follow the flying bird? I guess that obviously yes, but just want to make sure I got you right. Thanks again!

  3. Wow, am I glad I lucked onto this video, I love bird photography and it's been a passion for years, bought a D850 finally and until this video – now I can have in focus birds in flight, thank you, thank you. This D850 has more controls than an aircraft 🙂

  4. Thanks again Adrian for this video. I went out to photo birds and use the setup you suggested and WOW! what a difference it makes. I changed the locations for me to try and will no doubt settle on my own configuration but doing this way is brilliant. I didn't get any EPIC pics, only a couple pee wees chasing worms then a crow came for a chat and consented to pose for me. A couple of nice ones of the crow in flight though. thank you

  5. First of all I wish you and your family a healthy happy and successful new year!
    Thanks a mill for the valuable tips! Will try them tomorrow. Take care Claudia

  6. nice tuto; I have a d750. ok for bird photography ? do you think, for fashion photography, and bird photography, a d850 would focus as good on eye as we can have with sony a7r3 ?

  7. Great info! I’m wondering, do you hold or keep pressing the BBF when your tracking a bird in flight? Also for the group setting do you need to keep the subject in the centre for it to lock on focus properly as bird is in flight?

  8. hello Adrian great video.i have a D750 and am looking at doing some bird photography are the settings for the autofocus settings similar to the D850 if not could you maybe do a video or advise on the correct settings for this body thanks.could you also recommend a telephoto lense combination for the 750.

  9. Just wondering what do you think about the all areas focus mode ? I tried to use that auto mode on my D500 yesterday to shoot birds in flight and found that focus mode to be quite good. It tracks the birds pretty well. Not sure about the group focus mode which I will try next time with your suggestion.

  10. Sorry, I'm a little slow on the uptake here as I learn my D850. I get that you are changing 3 settings. However, we're just talking about for 2 buttons right, the front PV button and the back toggle button? If I understand your video correctly, after changing the settings the PV button when continually depressed while shooting will auto focus on the subject at single shot and 25 pts and the back toggle button when continually depressed at the group area AF? Is their any role of the AF-ON button at the back of the camera here? Thanks for your patience as I take baby steps.

  11. Adrian, I thought I left a comment but I think my computer did not post it. Always a pleasure to watch your stuff. I use only two… a wide and then I have single point that I have assigned to one of the front buttons so that if there is a bird in the back, I can focus on that. Another super amazing thing I like about Nikon is the AF/M switch on the front. I also use that quite a bit to quickly switch to manual for other things…. like mountains of snow WAYYYYY behind and beyond an opening in the trees. I am really looking forward to your photos and video adventure. 😁

  12. Very informative video. I also use group on my D500 for birds in flight and single-point for stationary birds. I haven't programmed it so that I can switch instantly as you can. I'll have to try it, thanks! I wish the Z6 had group autofocus mode. Looking forward to the next one from the wetland. That Manfrotto Pixi tripod is strong! 🙂

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