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Nikon D850 | 5 Tips for Taking Cityscape Photos at Night

Nikon D850 | 5 Tips for Taking Cityscape Photos at Night. Just a short little video (smile) with 5 wonderful tips on how to create beautiful nighttime cityscape photos with a cellphone or camera. I have purposely left out the type of camera or mobile phone because they really are irrelevant. So… it’s almost 19 minutes long but I think packed full of some interesting (and hopefully helpful) information. However, I’m including links below to each section if you want to skip ahead or…you can certainly skip to just looking at the cell phone or camera images. Up to you. I do hope you will enjoy the full video though 🙂

Equipment Links:
Induro C213 Tripod:
Sirui Ball Head:

YouTuber Links:
Adrian Alford Photography:
Matt Irwin:

5 Tips for Amazing Photos:
00:00 Intro
0:52 Number 5 – Light Source Distance
2:40 Cell Phone Images
3:17 Number 4 – Gear
7:21 Number 3 – Allow yourself to look silly
9:48 Number 2 – Pick a clear night to shoot
10:57 Number 1 – Composition
15:10 Camera Photos

Stop on by:

Camera Setup:
Nikon D850
Tamron 24-70mm F2.8 G2
Nikon 16-35mm F4
Nikon 24-120 F4
Nikon Z6 (Video Only)
Nikon 35mm 1.8s lens (Z-mount)

Some taggage:
#photography #nikonz6 #nikonD850 #nikonlens #nikonphotography #vacation #travelphotography #lasvegas #vancouver #dubai #italy #imagereview #tutorial

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  1. Ok so this is not so short but I think a fun video of 5 things to focus on to create amazing Nighttime city images from either a cell phone or camera. I've added the links to a few really cool You Tubers as well as to some equipment (oh…and some skip ahead links). I hope everyone stays for the whole thing though – lol. Enjoy and have a safe and happy weekend!

  2. Wow Rob those night shots looked fantastic! Around Granville Island just incredible. Certainly some great tips mate. Foreground and composition so crucial to a good shot. Well done on putting this tutorial together, must have taken some time to do, both in shooting and editing. Thanks very much for sharing 👍🙏

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