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Nikon D5600 User Guide – How To Get The Best Videos & Photos

Nikon D5600 β†’

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  1. Do you have to talk so fast. I continually had to backtrack so I could follow you. We are trying ti set-up our cameras and find the screens you are telling us are so IMPORTANT.

  2. You started off really great. But the further you went the less you showed what actual buttons you were pressing to get to certain modes. Guess I`ll work it out.

  3. I bought this camera online, could you please help me with a way to confirm if the camera is original and not fake?
    I saw an online post where we need to playback an image in the overview mode which will cause the nikon model to be shown on the LCD screen.
    Please help me with a way.

  4. I don't have any Movie Info that comes up on my Live View at all. I have even gone back to the D5600 For Dummies Book, Chapter 7, and I am not getting what I should be getting. I am so BUMMED! I bought this almost two years ago – at Best Buy in Salt Lake City while on Vacation, and just started to get into this deeper – so that I can do more with it, and it is not working for me.

  5. Many thanks 100 times over on this tutorial covering the Nikon D5600. I purchased one earlier this year as an upgrade from my entry level Nikon Coolpix L820 so that I could do more with still pictures, vlogs, and videos due to the fold out LCD screen, better focus lens, and hot shoe connection. You have shared more of an in depth tutorial then I would have ever had thumbing through the instruction manual or looking at dozens of other vids. Your video here is practically master class material!

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