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Nikon D5300 flash photography | Tips and tricks

Nikon D5300 flash photography Tips and Tricks back light

Flash Photography, Flash Techniques, Flash tips and tricks for outdoor photography, Below are the links for my other videos.

How to get sharp images with dslr NIKON D5300

how to get correct exposure in dslr

Exposure compensation

Nikon D5300 samples pictures with tamron 70 300 vc

Wedding album design 2019

Wedding album design 2018

Wedding album design 2018

Wedding album design 2018

lensnfungus- how to prevent lens fungus

mini led video light

Nikon D5300 ttl vs manual flash mode

Nikon D5300 tips and tricks | distortion control

Nikon camera setting for White balance

Flash diffuser

Soft screen flash diffuser

External flash for flash photography

TTL vs MANUAL off camera flash

Universal flash diffuser with sample photos

Set you own nikon picture control

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  1. Hello, i'm wondering is the Godox tt685 flash compatible with nikon d5300? Please can you check it, I'd like to purchase it but i'm not sure is it compatible.
    Thank you very much

  2. Sir mere paas nikon5600d hai Sharp portrait ke liye 50 1.8g mm lens Kaise rhega please bataeye or background me blur bhi bhut ho or sharp bhi ho photo

  3. Interesting topic… However the video would be more effective if a few examples of both indoor and outdoor practical photography be given. Still a lot of thanx.

  4. Hii Sir, kaise hoo aap? Sir, please make a video with an exposure. iso shutter speed apature I can not understand how much to keep. The problem is getting maximum time in photo auto mode. I want to learn the manual. Please make a video. Sir, teach a little easier. If you can, keep this last request. Sir, I really have a lot of problems.I can not get high quality photo and can not get a smooth skin color. It is very difficult to spell a video, please.

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