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Nikon D3400 Video Settings Tutorial // How To Shoot Video With the D3400

The Nikon D3400 is a very capable camera for video, with the ability to shoot 1080p video at 24, 30, and 60fps. In this video I guide you through the best video settings for this camera! These settings will also work with other Nikon cameras like the D3300, and D3500.

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My Gear:

Canon EOS RP:

Sigma 24mm f/1.4:
Canon 50mm f/1.8:
Canon 24mm f/2.8:
Sony 28-70mm:

—Other Gear—
EF Adapter:
Editing Laptop:
Studio Lights:


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  1. Hey , please can you tell me how to send the videos from the camera to my iPad Pro ?? I used the card reader but it only shows the photographs not the videos , I don't know what the issue

  2. When I go to file my photos and vids (Nikon D3400) in a folder on my PC the photo times in 'date taken' are the correct time but the videos are always 5 hours behind so when I go to try and organize the folder according to date taken so I can look at the pics and vids in order taken on that day the video times are all off. Could anyone please let me know how to fix this problem?

  3. I always got a focus trouble on my videos, I'm doing the focus manually by using the shutter button and that affects my videos negatively.
    My Nikon d3400 can't make a proper auto focus I guess.
    I'll try these settings, hope it'll be fixed, but I'm open to any help and tips from anyone, about this auto focus problem

  4. can you do a video on Live view mode photography for nikon d3400 or live view mode settings for photograhy. Shutter is slow in live view mode and pictures are bit blurry..
    I'm using 50 mm 1.8G prime lens for nikon d3400.

  5. Thanks man just found your page today… even shooting with this camera for a while and just went in and updated a couple of settings I wasn’t aware about until your video. Thank you for that… looking to upgrade soon either camera or lens I’d love if you did vids on both for Nikon one day.. best of luck!

  6. strange, my d3400 does not have the Optical VR function. Does anyone know why or have the same ? i have the 18-55 lense, which is what everyone seems to be using out the box, and the optical vr is displayed on theirs. Im unsure why mine wouldnt have this function.

  7. I have a question. I keep seeing a dark shadowy line whenever I shoot a video with my d3400 camera. Any idea what the problem might be and a potential solution ? Please help 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  8. I know that this has nothing to do with this vid, but I just bought a Sony NEX 5n second hand off amazon and I turned it on and the video on the screen is the most blurry I’ve ever seen a video, but all of the other stuff (settings, hud etc,) are fine. What is wrong with it?? (Btw I don’t have a lens on it)

  9. You should cover the NEX 6. It can shoot 1080P 60FPS, and it also has an EVF (that was the thing that made me pay the extra money instead of getting the NEX 5)

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