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Nikon Coolpix P1000 – Beginner Guide

A beginner guide for the Nikon P1000. Learn menus, buttons, controls, modes, time-lapse, vibration reduction, full manual, raw, tips, tricks, and more.
Get the Nikon P1000 here:
Tripod I use:
Sample Footage with the Nikon P1000-
Shooting Eagles with the Nikon P1000:
Check out my full review of the Nikon P1000 with even more sample footage:

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  1. After all these glorious reviews I decided to purchase one.
    to my disappointment I found that after pressing shutter button halfway camera is struggling with focus but then after it is focused pressing button further takes a picture but at that instant picture comes out of focus and is very blurry.
    I also found that holding the camera on the same object will have it focused sometimes 3-7 seconds.
    Sometimes it just won’t focus at all.
    that is unacceptable.
    also battery life needs to be tripled To be usable at all.
    I returned mine.
    that is a $1000 joke from Wuhan.

  2. I bought nikon p1000 camera 3 days ago
    I never used any camera before
    This video tutorial me very clear to use my new camera
    Thanks alot 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  3. If you can’t do separate video one for the video with the sitting and another one for the picture with different setting because you do it really fast I want to learn from you please help

  4. Hey man how you doing this is Alex if you can do new videos to show all different model do you like the video and photograph and the setting I’m honest with you I bought this camera Ala حجي couple days ago but I don’t know how are use it if you can’t do more video separate or the video and one for the

  5. Well I am half way to thinking of selling my P1000 as it seems lots of things do not match books, manuals or YouTube lessons. software updates, all to the most part do not match what's on my camera which can have big effects . You try and follow on, and you bang on how to do something , NO I don't have that on my P1000. It's just way to deep and complex for the like of me. I am no idiot, but when someone says now turn to page x to find Y and page X is not there it can become very frustrating.

  6. THANK YOU! I just bought this camera and cannot find out how to use it. Not even through Nikon. Insane that Nikon doesn’t have better instructions/info. You helped me figure it out! Thank you!

  7. I should get my camera in about 4 days and will need to watch this video several times after I get some education about what some of the settings are for, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc. Yes I'm a rank novice but I'm not nearly as dumb as my kids think I am so I can learn this. This video should be a great help.

  8. Hi JRESHOW, great video. So, I am about 45 miles from Kennedy Space Center. What would you say is the best set up to capture a rocket launch image on a monopod? That deal that snaps off multiple shots might be good. Any tips would be appreciated. I have p900 and have caught some pretty good shots on auto, but it is hit and miss. Need a setting where you can lock the focus pretty quick and get the shots.

  9. Hello, I just bought a p950 and it seems to me that it is the same thing but I would like to know how to freely use the digital zoom without going through the landscape mode? Thank you

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