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NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY for beginners – Tips and camera settings explained

A beginners guide to taking amazing photos at night – we share tips to help you capture amazing low light photos with your digital camera. FREE tip sheet ⬇️

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Tripods featured & recommended
► Manfrotto PIXI MINI :
► Manfrotto PIXI EVO :
► Joby Gorillapod :
► Manfrotto BeFree travel :

Gear featured in this video
► Canon 80D (video camera) :
► Nikon D3500 :
► Nikon Z6 :
► Rode mic :
► Rode USB mic :
► Nikon remote :
► Canon remote :


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We participate on the Amazon affiliates program – this helps provide us with the necessary funds required to produce video content by earning a commission on sales at no cost to you.

About this video : Paul from Photo Genius shows you how to take amazing photos at night using Shutter Priority mode, featuring the Nikon Z6 and D3500.

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  1. Absolutely agree with comments re Paul’s exploitation/teaching. He doesn’t talk to show what he knows …. he talks to ensure the viewer learns. Love this channel. Thanks mate.

  2. The information given is straight forward and easy to understand. I love how things like shutter speed are explained, what it is, and why you want the settings being suggested.

  3. I watched this Thursday night just gone and have since gone out and tried your tips and tricks. I have tagged you in a post on Instagram so you can see, thank you so much for your amazing content. I will continue to try and get better.

  4. love your videos! very informative. i swear you taught me everything that i know!

    what type of camera would you recommend for someone trying to pursue portrait photography?

  5. If you have a canon camera I would recommend using the free Camera Connect app made by canon since it works just like a remote. Your canon camera has to be on the same network as your phone in order for it though work.

  6. Thank you so much for all your helpful tips. I have a Canon EOS T6 and I love taking pictures of the moon but they never come out clear..Now Im going to slow the shutter speed and ISO and see what happens..Again Thank you…

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