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My 2021 Astrophotography Image Processing Tutorial!

Canva 45-Day Free Trial:

Astrophotography Image Processing Tutorial

In this video, I use DeepSkyStacker, Adobe Photoshop, and PixInsight to process the deep space photo I shared in the last video! You can download my data to practice on and follow along if you want! (listed below).

My Beginner-Friendly Image Processing Guide:


Adobe Photoshop:

Practice using My Data:

Pelican Nebula H-Alpha:
Pelican Nebula OIII:

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  1. I'd suggest using WeightedBatchPreprocessing script in Pixinsight as the first step of your workflow. It is very intuitive and it does the calibration, alignment, and integration of each channel automatically. No need for DSS.

  2. How about a comparison video of DSS, Registax, Sequator, and other stacking programs? It'd be interesting to see how they all process the same dataset

  3. I believe if you applied the star layer as a mask in pixinsight and then inverted the mask, then the morphological transformation should only affect the stars so next time you can try that

  4. Trevor, you should really denoise and do deconvolution in the linear stage. It is best to fix the image first before stretching. The simplist way to do this is for you to down darkarcons EZ processing suite. Many YouTube videos on this. Keep up the great work!

  5. Trevor your video production is brilliant I always watch your videos whether it’s relevant to me or not. One point on aligning the Oiii and Ha, I load the reference file used for my Ha stacking to my Oiii before registering which aligns the Ha Oiii with each other.. It goes without saying I untick the Ha reference file as I don’t want to include it with my Oiii.
    Once again Superb video👍

  6. I just like how easily you teach people your processings,it was so useful and the way you show is so perfect and very understandable..and this picture is so good! ✨

  7. You can use Script -> Batch Processing -> WeightedBatchPreProcessing for a very DSS-like experience within Pixinsight with the benefit of better calibration settings and defaults, leading to a better final stack. The (small) added bonus of this is that your filter stacks are automatically star aligned to each other at the end.

  8. Really nice video, and an amazing final image. The more time I spend on pixinsight the more I love it. The star alignment features are very good too. It can stack too but is so slow I just use dss! I am very jealous of your camera and filters ;)… and mount (did you use the eq8rh for this), I hope by the end of the year I will have an qhy268m or the 2600mm … but for now I make do with a modifed canon 5dmk2, and I am happy! Thanks for all your content Trevor, you and a few other creators were whyI got into this awesome hobby!

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