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Morning Coffee and Photoshop Tips

Join me for a fun start to your day with some Photoshop tips and tricks.

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  1. Great tips, Matt! Thank you! I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who works destructively on my photos. BTW, I happen to love Starbucks. I used to be a huge Dunkies fan when I lived in Massachusetts. I also love Starbucks back then, but they were few and far between in the area where I lived, so I didn't get there very often. Then I moved to Arizona and started drinking Starbucks almost exclusively, and now I can't stand Duncan's. I don't know if my tastes have changed or maybe they make it differently out here than they do back east. Anyhow, thanks again for the tips on composites. I've done very few, myself, and would like to try more of them.

  2. Matt get yourself a single brew coffee machine. I have a Bosch Benvenuto B20 that I got around 2004 and love it. You can dial in the strength, and cup size from little cappuccino cups to the big double cups. It uses whole beans and grinds them as it brews each individual cup. They are quite expensive but when you consider how much you will use it every day the cost is justified, especially when you press one-button and get perfect coffee.

  3. Hi Matt. Thanks for sharing. I love being taught by you. A while ago you did a step by step video on how to stack multiple images into one. For eg capturing the movement of a skier going over a jump where you see each movement of the skier in one shot, looks pretty cool. Fro Knows Foto did a video using your video as an eg. Where can I find the video please?

  4. I use the photo filter to quickly color match the subject, by selecting colors in the background image but use it in 2 separate layers, one set to color blend mode and one set to luminosity, which gives you more control 🙂

  5. Hi. Really enjoying my morning coffee these days. May I raise a possible topic for a future video? I have one custom keyboard shortcut in PS (to flatten the image) but everytime PS updates I lose the shortcut and have to set it up again. Am I doing something wrong or is this a common problem?

  6. Hey Matt, when is your LR/PS instructional series on Birds coming out? I think that you mentioned it once before and I can't wait to see it, getting sick of seeing how many way you can change or enhance a background or sky. Sorry mate, but you ask us to comment, good or bad. Bruce.

  7. I really enjoy Morning Coffee and PS Tips. Your simple approach to post processing is refreshing. Get the job done with the least effort. LEAN😎🤙

  8. Drat … I've been waiting for this & just missed it as well; I thought we were still on +5Hr difference, Eastern time is now showing just after 11am on Google (4 Hrs diff)…

  9. Hey, Matt, good stuff. I was simply watching this on YouTube and could not see how to enter comments. Also, that image of the lake before sunrise that you showed a few times during this session is about 30 minutes from the I live. One of may favorite areas to shoot. ;-). Finally, looks like you have the Sony 400 and 600 primes. I would not be able to afford those. What are your thoughts on the 200-600?

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