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MicroStrategy Online Training – MicroStrategy Developer Tutorials – Bigclasses

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MicroStrategy Desktop
• Microstrategy BI architecture
• Report Query Execution flow
• Folder components
• Configuration Object
• Schema Object
• Public Object
• Creating and saving Reports
Microstrategy BI Server & Administration
• Configuration of Server and Metadata
• Configuring Project source
• Creating projects
• Start/Stop/Restart of the Server
• Role of Meta data
• Configuring Data Base Instance and Connection
Microstrategy Architect
• The Logical Data Model
• Components of Model
• Relating to Microstrategy objects
• Over view of Facts
• Over View of Attributes
• Over View of Hierarchy
• The physical Model/ Data warehouse Schema
• Components of Model
• Relating to Microstrategy objects
• Overview of Table
• Overview of Column
• Overview of Start Schema
• Over view of snow flake schema
• Browsing warehouse catalogue
• Importing table & their components
• Creating Facts
• Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Facts
• Simple &Derived expressions
• Creating bulk facts
• Creating Attributes
• Compound Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Attributes
• Simple & Derived expressions
• Defining Relationship
• Creating bulk attributes
• Creating Hierarchies
• Creating Transformation
Microstrategy Developer
• Report Components
• Creating metrics
• Creating filters
• Creating prompts
• Report style manipulation
• Auto style
• Online Mode
• Notes
• Thresholds
• Banding
• Report Data Manipulation
• Drilling
• Page-by
• Report Subscription
• Report View modes
• Graph and priorities
• Creating and saving searches
Advance MicroStrategy
• Creating Advance filters
• Creating Advanced metrics
• Consolidation
• Custom Groups
• Defining VLDB Properties
• Intelligent cubes
• Creating free from SQL reports
Microstrategy Report services & Dynamic Dashboards
• Dashboards/Documents
• Designing Dashboards/Documents
• Adding datasets
• Views modes of RSD
• Displaying Images
• Panel stack & Panel
• Visual Insight
Microstrategy web
• Browsing Microstrategy web
• Accessing objects via web
Micro Strategy Mobile configuration
Micro strategy Architecture:
•How microstrategy works
•How the ETL tool fetches the data and process and loads the data into the target system.
•What is Metadata in Microstrategy?
•What are the functions or process of Metadata?
•How to configure Microstrategy
•How to configure Metadata
•What kind of information is stored in Meta data
•How the information, objects or definitions stored in the Metadata
•Creating schema, attributes, hierarchies objects
•Configuring of Metadata
•Roles of Meta data in Microstrategy
• Repository of Microstrategy
•Formulating the SQL query by Metadata
•Configuration of Microstrategy
•Logical modeling and physical modeling
•Configuring projects
•Designing the entire architecture
•Application or Public object
MSTR Developer
•Connecting into any tier mode
•Creating Dashboards, Reports, filters
•Tuning the reports
•Transformation of data
Web component
•Access the web
•Configuring the web
•Microstrategy Projects
•Data analysis
Once the data is residing into a Data warehouse the BI Tool will fetch the data from the Data warehouse and displays in the form of reports and dashboards as per the designs.
When a query is performed in microstrategy by the dashboards, the query does not hits the Data warehouse directly but it configures a component called Metadata.
What is Metadata, How does it work
Metadata is repository in Microstrategy which stores and which records all the information and definition of the objects that is been created in the environment, whether any object is been created or modified or deleted, the particular definition of the object is recorded in the Meta data. Metadata will read all the definition and formulates the SQL query.
The process of Microstrategy
Any query through Microstrategy dashboard does not hits the Data warehouse for
Microstrategy types of Objects
1.Schema Objects
2.Application of the public Objects
What is Schema Object?
An attribute is a Schema object which is pointing towards a specific table and a column.

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