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Massive F1 TV Graphics Release – free and with download links – adobe after effects

Hope you enjoyed, download link is on my discord server
Fonts used:
All the graphics shown in the video, in order:
• 2021 Current Conditions
• 2021 Driver of day bottom right
• 2021 Fastest Lap
• 2021 FIA Team Radio
• 2021 Join Conversation
• 2021 Pit strategy
• 2021 Podium
• 2021 Previous wins
• 2021 Race Intro
• 2021 Race name lower third
• 2021 Replay
• 2021 Small lower third tyre
• 2021 Team radio text
• 2021 Text only team radio
• 2021 Vote for driver of day with standings
• 2021 Vote for driver of day
• 2021 Race Winner
Join my Discord server to get graphic downloads and request new graphics:
#F1 #F1Graphics #Lom1138

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  1. Hello.
    Can I ask why these graphics take so much space?

    Because even the shortest one takes 250MB + and overall it is more than 10 gigabytes
    Is there a solution for how to make them take less space on PC?

    Sincerely yours

  2. On the F1 Race intro, is their a way to turn all the F1 logo's into F2 logo's? This is a question to answer some people's questions and mine.

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