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Love Contraption Meme | Collab w/Avelixii | Gacha Club ☆

I hope you enjoy this video! I know it’s not the sweetness meme, and that’s because I’ll be doing it by myself! However, I have a lot of collabs to do so that might take a while to release-

☆ Please do not… | ♪ | ↴
► Copy my OCS, these are me and my friends, not yours.
► Trace/copy my content (characters, backgrounds, edits)
► Re-upload my content
► Ask questions that I’ve answered or are in the description
► You are free to be inspired by me! Just don’t copy and give credit! 🙂

☆ Her Channel | ♪ | ↴

☆ Original by 봄나싹Spring | ♪ | ↴

☆ Inspired by | ♪ | ↴

☆ Music by Chill Trap | ♪ | ↴

☆ Fonts I Used | ♪ | ↴
► Quicksand
► Starborn

☆ Apps I used | ♪ | ↴
►Adobe After Effects
►Gacha Club

☆ Time Taken (My Part) | ♪ | ↴
► 28 Hours

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  1. Hey, I don’t mean to ask more questions or be a bother, but I’m trying to make a video for you (since you hit 11k) but it’s hard to make your OC.. do you have a discord so I can have your oc code? (I promise I’m not trying to steal your oc or anything like that)

  2. Wowwwww! This is amazinggg! I was actually wondering if u wanted to
    collab with me? It’s 100% ok if not I’m just hoping for an answer? :3

  3. Hello! I’m a new subscriber and I just wanna say that I’m gonna make a video that I got inspired from you so If u don’t mind I’m gonna tag you 🙂

  4. Cette chaine est vraiment une de mes préféré ! Le style est très originale ! Je peux reconnaître la chaine juste par un dessin ou une vidéo ! C'est très jolie j'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais bravo à toi 💕

    PS : Sorry- I speak french-

  5. I am going to make thisss unless my motivation is weee (crediting y’all ofc for the inspiration and i am going to try do it in my own style wish me luck)

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