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LG G8 In 2021 Fire Sale Review | #TBT This Phone was Good !!! | Best In Class Cameras

LG G8 In 2021 Fire Sale Review | #TBT This Phone was Good !!! | Best In Class Cameras
#lgg8 #firesale #tbt
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  1. I can hear the LG shills coming to shill the phones, defend the poor calibration of the display by the mobile division, and their laggy- broken- horrendous software with slower than OOS support.

  2. I'm actually going to upgrade from my G8X to G8 Original, the red and black one ! I say upgrade because it fits my smaller hands better, its got one of a kind bone conducting front headpiece so I can hear my calls even when on a concert, it's got superior battery life, one of a kind mil spec rating for durability, quad dac, I don't need more, or less, than that. It's also got a 2k screen versus the newer models that are only 1080p lol. I'm really excited to get this baby, its not about the money, but this LG, exactly like you put it so right -JOY of LG phone from 2018 is still greater than getting the latest and "greatest" what's just out today.
    EDIT: P.S. forgot to mention, I really DO need that front hand gesture feature for when cooking all the time lol!

  3. Thanks for another relevant vid about my favourite brand of phones. Can't believe you're asking the question> is it still worth buying today. So what it's on Android 10 and so what it may not be getting updated, (though LG said it would be). I have my LG G8 at the side of me as my spare, backup phone, I had to get it flown in from the US because here in the UK we apparently are not worthy. I love the phone and I'm not bothered it's on Android 10. I keep my G8 as a backup to my daily phone , the LG v30+ on Android 9, which as far as I am concerned is still the perfect phone. I have just sent back a galaxy S10 because it couldn't match my V30+. Who cares if it's only on Android 9. I have never had a problem with it yet, the power button and fingerprint sensor is perfectly located on the back, I think LG made a mistake by not carrying that over to the G8. However, LG are just great phones! Period. And I am still looking for the phone to replace my v30+. I love the G8 and I occasionally swap over and use it as my daily driver. It will still out perform many new flagships for years to come,

  4. I love my LG g8x as it is still best 2021 flagships at 50k inr. All Chinese venders have not provided even 4k 30fps recordings from the front camera but my LG g8x had great quality 4k30fps recoding from the front camera with great eis. I got this device at 20k inr almost 250 dollars which is super good for me. I love its everything. Even i got May 2021 security patch 2 days ago which actually surprised me. Hope I can get android 11 also. No bugs no bloatware no unnecessary notifications or nagware or no ads like Chinese venders in the ui. Display is just on another level. I can say best 1080p 2 oled screen i am using.

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