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Lesson 2 The Best Camera Lens for 10 Popular Types of Photography.

Lesson 2 The Best Camera Lenses for 10 Popular Types of Photography.
have 10 sections for this lesson 2
#The Best Camera lens for 10 Popular types of photography
#Best Camera Lens for Casual Shooting
#Best Camera Lens for Shooting Vacations
#Best Camera Lens for Shooting Landscapes
#Best Camera Lens for Candids, Street, and Weddings
#Best Camera Lens for Shooting Architecture
#Best Camera Lens for Shooting Wildlife
#Best Camera Lens for Shooting Close-Ups
#Best Camera Lens for Sports and Action
#Best Camera Lens for Night and Low Light

Lesson 1 Different Types of Cameras
Lesson 2 Different Types of Lens
Lesson 3 Flash Photography Basics: My Four Go-to Lighting Setups
Lesson 4 & 5 what is ISO? / what is Aperture?
Lesson 6 What is Shutter Speed?
Lesson 7 Metering Viewfinder Photography
Lesson 8 Common camera Setting for Beginners

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