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Javascript Clock | CSS Neumorphism Working Analog Clock UI Design

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In this video i’ll teach you how to create a working analog clock using html css & javascript with css neumorphism effect ui design.

Source Code :

Also Watch This : Working Analog Clock Using Html5 CSS3 & Javascript

Toggle Between Dark and Light Mode using CSS & Javascript | CSS Neumorphism Working Analog Clock
Also wwtch thie : Toggle Between Dark and Light Mode using CSS & Javascript | CSS Neumorphism Working Analog Clock

Clock.png Image Download Url :

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  1. Hey all…
    Use this ` sign instead of this '

    This is wrong = 'rotateZ(${hh+(mm/12)}deg)';

    This is right = `rotateZ(${hh+(mm/12)}deg)`;

  2. If you watch it now and it doesn't work, try this: = 'rotateZ(' + (hh + (mm / 12)) + 'deg)'; = 'rotateZ(' + mm + 'deg)'; = 'rotateZ(' + ss + 'deg)';

  3. uhm hey I have trouble compiling it. So i used vscode and wrote each word correctly and saved all, but it isn't showing, idk why. Can anyone help me with this?

  4. nice video keep this awesome work up , i followed your steps precisely however , The Js code is not working , all the other stuffs are fine only the code written inside the script code isn't working . is it cuz i'm using opera browser ? i hope anyone give me a hint to that issue
    thank you

  5. First of all, I did the same coding by watching the hello video. But in the CSS section, the
    (margin: 0,0;

    padding: 0;

    box-sizing: border-box;) is giving an error and I couldn't find a solution. Can you help me?

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