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Is a good camera important?? – Pro vs Amateur CHALLENGE

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For years, smartphone manufacturers have said that their built-in cameras are SO GOOD that you no longer need a ‘real’ camera. So can a professional photographer with a smartphone beat a total pleb with a ‘real’ camera? Only one way to find out…

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  1. "is a good camera important?" If you actually did a fair test then no. If you actually wanted to test this, you would ask them to the exact same thing and compare the results. This was just a Linus vs. Brandon competition with a catch, nothing more. A good photographer is always more important than a good camera. The video itself, the idea and execution, where very awesome tho. You guys are crazy I love it 🙂

  2. This makes me feel like my M50 purchase was worth it against my s21 ultra. I guess in spur of the moments a cell phone can take good quality images. But if you really want to have more control with a much larger lens then a camera is best even if your an amateur

  3. This belongs on channel super fun not here, james walking is the funniest shit ever, plus the editing of his suit changing colours is just gold

  4. Loved this.. i don't think I've never laughed at a tech video this much.. but with linus,i did.. from Photography background, it made it funnier.. good job and waiting for something new for something similar!

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