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IRON MAN HUD After Effects Tutorial

Download Project Files:

Create a 3D Hud effect with After Effects native face-tracking engine.
Use Face Tracking to Color Correct A face.
Quickly replace the footage to create your own Iron-Man Hud effect.

VDODNA tools for After Effects:
FontMate- Fonts manager in a project level

Versions Pro-Mo- Promos versioning automation:

ArrowHead- Arrows creation and animation:

Counter Preset- Counter animations:

Time Presets- Digital clock & timer animations:

Analog Counter- Odometers and analog counter animations

Arrow Preset- Straight Arrows Animation

Free VDODNA tools for After Effects:

True Layer Duplicator- Duplicate comp layers hierarchy in the timeline:

Avid to AE subs- Import Avid txt file to After Effects Text Layers:

Precomp Time- Change duration and frame rate of nested compositions:

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  1. My 3d object doesn't get 3d movement. It just get translation and scale
    but I can't make it get 3d rotation. do you know what am I doing wrong

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