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iPhone 12 pro max best camera settings for low light photography

Well if you’re looking for the iPhone 12 pro max best camera settings, this is where you will find it.
The iPhone 12 Pro has a sensational camera with great computational photography. But we all know it can struggle when it comes to astrophotography, or does it?
In this video, we will go through some of the best camera settings for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and set your camera up to really take advantage of that large sensor.

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  1. Is there any way to stack photos using a mobile device or are we not there yet? That would be nice to be able to run an app to stack multiple photos to get an ever better image using just a phone.

  2. Hi Shayne I'm a big fan of astrophotography and i have been following you since you had about 3000 followers i have some pictures captured it would be great if you edited it. I took it from iphone 12 promax

  3. I know I'll forget these details so I've made a note of them in OneNote so I'll always have them with me on the phone when I eventually get a clear sky and can start shooting. Thanks a bunch!

  4. with the sensor shift technology in the pro max, apple could easily bring the pixel shift function to the phone, so it would take multiple photos and the sensor would move minimal between each shot and bring high resolution photos… hardware is there, just needs the software

  5. Hi Shayne, ure doing such a great job on this channel !
    I got a big question here…
    Which one is more effective for astrophotography in your opinion GoPro 8 or iPhone 12 Pro ?

  6. Hey Shayne, how're you doing mate. i'd like to sugest a theme for your videos. i havent found videos about lens for iphone 12 pro (Landmarc, Ulanzi or Moment) for astrophotography. Do you think there's a good one for astrophotography?? Cheers.

  7. Another great Shayne. I live in a high light pollution area in the U.S but my in laws have a place in Northern Michigan and I figured out that my 11 Pro could make it come alive at night in photos. These tips will help even more. I never thought to turn off scene optimizer. The 12 Pro is my daily driver now (I like to shoot one handed much of the time) but I decided to pick up an S21 Ultra when I found a really good deal on Swappa online to play with based on your videos. I want to learn a bit more about manual controls and it seemed like the right tool since I don’t know how far I want to push Astro stuff. Since I have the Snapdragon version, I was able to get the GCam Astro working and I have tested it out and it has produced some remarkably clear shots in an area with heavy noise pollution. I am dying to test it out “up North” soon. Clearly GCAm wasn’t designed for this sensor, but it still stacks five minutes of shots with 16 second exposures as the longest and it should be fun.

  8. Absolutely brilliant, as usual! I noticed you had lens correction turned OFF, what does that one do? Thanks a lot for churning out great videos with superb photography 😁👍

  9. Thanks for the great video on iPhone 12 night mode settings. I’m sure that you have discovered that the night mode and smart HDR are mutually exclusive features that is made clear by your turning off the Smart HDR in the settings menu. When in Night mode clicking the HDR icon has the opposite effect on the night mode icon and visa versa. Night mode is a very powerful tool and any stray ambient light – like in my location – can easily cause bright spots and lens flares ruining any Astro shots.

  10. I took a few different shots of the moon last night through my telescope , a couple with and a couple without pro raw and the ones without pro raw looked better. Maybe it’s because I used a telescope, but when I went to Snapseed to edit they looked really dark from the pro raw. It may be a combination of a bright moon and using a telescope, not sure though

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