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iPad Pro 2021 (M1) Unboxing & Review

New Apple iPad Pro 2021 (12.9 inch) Unboxing and Review with the new White Magic Keyboard.
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The 2021 iPad Pro features an 11 inch or 12.9 inch Liquid Retina XDR display, the Apple M1 Chip, up to 2TB storage, 16GB RAM, Face ID, Ultra Wide front camera with Center Stage, 12MP Wide, 10MP Ultrawide and LiDAR Scanner, Four-speaker audio, Five studio-quality microphones, USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 & USB 4, iPad OS, 40.88-watt-hour Battery, Apple Pencil (Gen 2) Support and Price is from £749 (11 inch) or £999 (12.9 inch).

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  1. Alors, concertant ce nouvel l’iPad Pro , son processeur est effectivement un véritable v8 atmosphérique, mais il ne sert à rien, je dis bien strictement rien pour une utilisation quotidienne et même Pro, et pourtant j’aime la marque. A la rigueur si la chose permettait de miner, je dirais oka (et encore) mais ça reste un produit Apple old generation, en ce sens :un système exagérément fermé, très peu de nouveautés significatives, des captations de données à la volée systémique et systématique; et un prix totalement crazy.
    Pour que l’objet ait du sens, il faudrait qu’il s’inscrive dans un nouvel écosystème que la marque reste incapable de créer. Trop de frilosités dans le rang des décideurs qui tôt ou tard finiront pas couler la marque

    Petite info aussi pour les lecteurs: beaucoup de youtubeurs obtiennent gratuitement les objets dont ils parlent et parfois critiquent même (et pas que ces objets…), car comme dit l’adage : il n’y a pas de mauvaise publicité …

  2. You don’t have M1 level performance on the iPad Pro. Let’s be honest this guys use the iPad Pro fifth generation and he knows it’s exactly the same performance as the previous iPads. If you put two generations of iPads next to this fifth generation no one would be able to tell the difference in smoothness in image quality. They look exactly the same. There’s a minor difference watching HDR in that the whitesHow about 5% brighter on the GEN five tablet but it’s not jaw-dropping. It’s not jaw-dropping like an OLED is to an LCD. We don’t really have adobe Photoshop do it. We still have a dumb down version of Adobe Photoshop. There isn’t and never will be true pro level apps for this iPad. Notice he’s not using Final Cut Pro. Because it doesn’t exist for his tablet and never will. The M1 chip it’s like putting Lance Armstrong on a tricycle. He will drive that tricycle impressively fast but he will not win the Tour de France. Let’s stop trying to pretend the iPad Pro is a substitute for a MacBook Pro or a desktop computer. It is not it is still an entertainment consumption device. It’s not a professional tool. There are some artists to do great work on the iPad. And the iPad is truly great at what it does. If you don’t have a tablet and you somehow need a tablet that you can draw with then certainly you should consider the iPad Pro. Just don’t upgrade from a previous version because they have done nothing on theFifth generation iPad to improve the user experience for creatives artists and the typical end user. Exactly the same iPad as the last two generations with the exception of a wide angle lens and 5G if you want that. But make no mistake 5G does not make your tablet into a phone.

  3. Thanks that was very informative. I actually understood things and I have watched a couple of videos on iPad Pro 2021 before yours and ended up turning them off as the weren’t as easy to understand.

  4. Hey what laptop is suitable for blender, animation, rendering, video editing, rendering and architectural design.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Awesome!!!!!

    I just ordered the new pro, the 11” model in 128gb. I’m anxiously awaiting shipping and very excited!

    I actually traded up from the Air 4, which I loved but loved so much, I decided to go pro! Luckily, I was still in the tail end of the return period so I just exchanged my iPad Air 4, which I REALLY loved, but I wanted the pro, for a few reasons, but mostly for the center stage function. I am going to be doing a lot of zoom meetings.

    I could only afford the 128gb base version, and I’m hoping it’ll be enough storage. I don’t do video work, just some photo editing, fairly basic procreate drawing, document writing, playing games, zoom, emails and basic content consumption/streaming. My previous iPad was the 256gb air, and it had a ton of apps, bunch of games, and a lot of photos and I only used like 75 gigs or so, so fingers crossed I’ll be fine at 128.

    Do you think the 128 is sufficient storage?

    Thanks for any advice!

  6. For everyone wanting to pick the iPad, be aware that it will only reach 1000 to 1600 nits with hdr content. 95% of the time it is capped at 600 nits

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