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INTERACTIVE LOTTIE Animation with Elementor FREE – NO PLUGINS | TemplateMonster

In this video, we will explore a way to add an interactive Lottie Animation to your Elementor website using Elementor FREE. To recreate this effect, you don’t need Elementor Pro or third-party plugins or add-ons! Looking for cool graphics resources? MonsterONE Creative Subscription is perfect for you 👉👉👉

00:00 Intro
01:23 – Learn how to create an animation in After Effects and export it to JSON file
10:39 – To skip the After Effects part, learn how to embed Lottie Animation into Elementor

Illustration Used in the video:
Bodymovin Plugin for After Effects:
Lottie Files:
Lottie Player Interactivity Guide:

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  1. Is there a way to add lottie animations to single product page? To create some kind of a template and add animations like we would product images in the backend.

  2. Lottie animation is not showing on the live website pages, but on elementor wordpress dash board it is working fine, kindly suggest what can be done to overcome this situation where Lottie animation in not at all displayed on the live website.

  3. You are so smart!! How it's possible that you can also create UX UI, also create illustration in illustrator, also animate it in after effects and to make it live by js. where do you find the time for all this?

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