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InShot Video Editor App // IN ENGLISH // Failed to Convert File // Tips and Tricks that MAY help you

I know you’re probably really frustrated right now, I am too. In this video, I give you some of my tried tricks and tips to get your video to save in the InShot Video Editor App.

So does this sound familiar to you: you spend hours – days- creating the perfect video using the InShot app and now you’re ready to save! Great! You press the save button and the video slowly processes until it reaches 100% and then a pop-up comes up saying SAVE FAILED – FAILED TO CONVERT VIDEO, PLEASE TRY AGAIN! And by this point, you’re ready to throw your phone out of a moving car and cry. I have been there, multiple times and it sucks. I feel like I have tried everything I possibly can to work around this issue because I love using this app that much! I give you 7 different things you can TRY from your iPhone to try to get your video to save. TRIGGER WARNING: I do not have the perfect solution and my videos still have problems saving. I just wanted to offer you a little advice because I am having a difficult time finding it elsewhere on the internet in English.

☆ Sorry guys, no more Instagram for me, I deleted my account yesterday! But we can totally still have plenty of fun over here at YouTube!

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  1. Wanted to give an update on my efforts for transparency. June 14th 2021: I am trying to save a 35:41 minute video in 4K 30fps.
    Unsuccessful attempts: 6:00am loaded to 100% then dropped down to 10%. 7:00am loaded to 100% then dropped down to 11%. I checked the storage in my phone, I have 32GBs of space. Offloaded the Instagram app and koloro app. Deleted all the unneeded document and music files from my phone “files”. Tried again at 7:30am, loaded to 100% then jumped down to 11%. 9:00am added a few seconds to the ending, same thing, loaded till 100% then restarted from 0% allowed it to load to 100% again and it restarted again. Noon, I accidentally deleted the last 5 seconds and tried saving – didn’t work again. 1:00pm Gave up and decided to try to save the file in 1080p instead of 4K – THIS WORKED THIS TIME! Successfully saved 🙂

  2. Thank you! I thought I had too much data on my phone, but from what I’m gathering through your video and my own experience… it’s just the app. Glad I’m not the only one frustrated by this conversion problem…

  3. Thank you SO MUCH. I've spent 3 days making a 30 minute video for mom's birthday and then this shit happened at the saving stage. And I was OF COURSE super late and near the deadline (the party). This video saved me. You're amazing.

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