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Image Composition | Tips and Tricks | Canon EOS R

5 Rules that you should be thinking through when you are composing your images! If you are ready to step up your photos and videos, these 5 rules will help you achieve professional results.

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Article on Rule of thirds –

Gear Used:
Camera – Canon EOS R
Lenses – Canon EF 24mm f2.8 IS USM, Canon RF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM
Audio – Rode Videomicro
Music –

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  1. Wow… I have been experimenting with photography. I am new to this and have picked up my first real camera “EOS R”. I have enjoyed taking pictures in the past but this video really has helped me to understand the artistic side of the why. I feel confident in many of the cameras technical capabilities but combining that with what I know about light and the framing is an aha moment. Thank you! Your videos are inspirational.

  2. Really great reminders of basic "rules", but definitely a fresh take on them (e.g. wide, medium, tight; or the "bend places" LOL!). I like what you mentioned about "story-telling" and would love to hear more from you about that aspect of photography/videography. This is one area I would love to develop more, the concept of story telling, and how each composition can help with that; not merely as rules, but how you see composition adds particular aspects of story-telling and why. Thanks.

  3. Hey Tony! I just purchased the Peak Design Sling v2 10L, but I was contemplating the totepack. I would be really interested in a review from an Eos R stand point. How well can it fit the holy trinity and with the adapters and such. And can the quick access match a sling? question. Are you free handing your B rolls?

  4. Oh man right away from the get go this video triggered me. Don’t ever make your music louder than your voice. For the love of god. It’s not funny or cool. As you grow your channel make sure you keep the audio levels of your videos consistent. I’ll try to finish the video.

  5. I just got my EOS R at Christmas and so far it has been great. Watched several of your videos this weekend and just subscribed. Not sure why your channel doesn't have more subs. I'm going to predict 2020 will be the year you take off. Keep going with the great tips and info. Oh, and your jeep is cool too.

  6. All very much true, But it does surprise me how people “like” bad photos, or bad photographers are in business, I do feel if people like a person, they will let them shoot them, even though the photos are average.
    I have to say, photography is very much perception and video is very much content driving.

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