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IBM WTX Tutorials For Beginners | WTX Online Training

IBM WTX Tutorials For Beginners,
IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender Type Tree and map,
Design Type Tree,
Design IBM WTX Type Tree,
Develop WTX Map,
Develop IBM WTX Map,
Guide to Design WTX / ITX Type Trees,
How to Design IBM WTX Type Tree,
How to Design IBM WTX (Mercator) Type Tree,
How to Develop WTX Map,
How to Develop IBM WTX Map,
WTX Online Training | IBM WTX Online Training,
EDI Mapping Tool,
IBM Transformation Extender,

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  1. I came across IBM TX (ibm transformation extender). From the initial understanding, it is a point to point message oriented middleware which has the capability of transformation also. I wanted to understand how its different from IBM MB or IIB. Please Guide me , if you have any reading material please share the same.

  2. Great tutorial! One question, I am using Design Studio version 9.0 and the rule window keeps changing text color / fonts while I’m editing a rule. I don’t like this feature😕! Any chance you know how to disable? Thank you!

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