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How to Wash your Car using a Foam Cannon | Car Detailing and Car Wash Tips and Tricks | Foam Cannon

Ive received a lot of questions on my past videos regarding car wash soaps and foam cannons. Many of you want to know what my process is for washing a car using a foam cannon. So here it is!!! I walk you through a maintenance car wash on a beautiful Aston Martin and show you step by step. ENJOY!!!

✅ Step 1 – SET UP
Its important to get yourself set up before starting so you are searching for your tools and chemicals. Being prepared for your car wash right up front allows you to be more efficient and get it done faster!

Adams Mega Foam –
Pressure Washer –
Quick Connects for Pressure Washer Set Up –
✅ 1.1mm orifice for Foam Cannon –
50′ UberFlex Hose –
50′ Flexzilla Hose (Same as Uberflex) –
Stubby Pressure Washer Wand –
Foam Cannon –
Microfiber Towels –
Wheel Brush #1 –
Wheel Brush #2 –
Body Brush –
Wheel Cleaner by P&S –
Wheel Cleaner by MALCO –
Ceramic Detail Spray (SI02) –
Tire Dressing –
Application Pads –

**These are affiliate links to the products. I make a small commission on anything purchased from these links. Thank so much fr the support!

✅ Step 2 – RINSE
An Initial rinse of the vehicle is important to remove any loose and larger debris from the paint. This allows the foam application to work better on the areas that are stuck on to the vehicles paint.

Once the vehicle is rinsed down, I like to move my attention the wheels and properly clean the surface as well as the barrel of the wheel. Using proper products ad brushes to agitate the dirt and brake dust and then rinse it away.

Using my foam cannon, i cover the vehicle with a ph neutral soap (so no wax will be removed) and let it dwell on the paint for about 1 minute in most cases. This allows the soap to break down the dirt and contamination on the paint and also adds a layer lubrication to prevent any wash marks, scratches, or marring on your cars paint.

Using Multiple Microfiber Towels in my bucket, I wash the car section by section. As the Towel gets dirty, i toss it to the side and move on to a new clean microfiber from my bucket. This prevents any contamination from being introduced in to the bucket of clean soapy water.

✅ Step 6 – RINSE
Its time for the second rinse to wash away all the foam, soap, and dirt!

Using a leaf blower, I blow of the bulk of the water. I also focus in on the tight areas that are know to cause drips like the mirrors, door handles, and any other tight spots. Once the bulk of the water is removed, I the dry the rest of the vehicle using a microfiber towel and ceramic detail spray!

The secret to my streak free windows in nothing more than clean and dry microfiber towels and water!

Using the Ceramic Detail Spray and a microfiber towel and go through the entire vehicle to fine tune and make sure its looking its best!

#CarWash #FoamCannon #HowToWashYourCar

Time Codes
0:00 – Intro to How to Wash your Car like a Pro
2:00 – Step 1 SET UP
3:04 – Step 2 RINSE
3:25 – Step 3 WHEELS
5:55 – Step 4 FOAM CANNON
6:25 – Step 5 CONTACT WASH
7:32 – Step 6 RINSE
8:03 – Step 7 DRY VEHICLE
10:01 – Step 8 WINDOWS
11:55 – Step 9 FINAL WIPE DOWN

Due to factors beyond my control, I cannot guarantee against improper use of the information I share in my videos. (IMJOSHV) assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or from the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not (IMJOSHV) or any business affiliated to (IMJOSHV).

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  1. why do you prefer a microfiber towel over a wash mitt?
    why not use the sio2 product on the windows as well? i love that it beads water and helps me use my wipers less often

  2. The blower he is using is a Toro Ultra, Model 51619. There are 2 models, both are 260MPH, one is 340 CFM for $70, the other 405 CFM for $99. Harbor Freight has an identical blower, Portland 62337, 375 CFM for $47.

  3. I wanted to ask you do you use or do anything to maintain your power washer I just started to do some very simple detailing/washing on my car and was wondering if there is anything I can to prolong my power washer

  4. Your videos are the BEST! So many pressure washers out there, but the technical details and test results you share helped me sight in and pull trigger on the CAT1800 with Flexzilla hoses, M22-15 quick connect, and the McKillians pressure washer gun. If you're on the fence of making/selling DetailGreenUSA swag (hats/shirts/tanks) – please give us some other ways to support your channel! You provide an honest service for us working people that need to get sh*t done w/decent gear here, and I hope you will know how much we all would support and recommend your business.

  5. I tried a leaf blower to dry the car but I don't think it was powerful enough so I returned it to the store. Would you mind telling me what one you use? It would be greatly appreciated!

  6. I have discovered from watching Pan the Organizer, that before rinsing down a dirty car like the one shown, you spray a layer of foam on dry paint to soften the dirt. Using a pressure washer to rinse off softened dirt will greatly reduce any chance of scratching the paint while rinsing with high pressure water.

  7. Josh I'm happy to see you rinsing off the car first before any touching 👌🏽💥💯……I've seen some detailer start foam and start washing 🤔 not good ……keep the good work up Josh!!!! Great product from technician's choice 💥 my favorite go to spray wax 😮 same way I clean windows 😎 no chemicals

  8. What type of tire shine do you happen to use for your customers vehicles ? I use chemical guys tire shine but I really don’t like the end result once it settles, the tire looks nice and clean and all but it doesn’t give me the shine I would for it to have.

  9. Hello Friend!

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    Please let me know if this is OK with you. Really looking forward to working with you.

    Best wish,


  10. What’s your view on cleaning perforated leather seats? I’ve seen a few videos on yt, but since your channel is my go-to channel, would appreciate to hear your method

  11. I’m a new follower of your channel. I’m wanting to get a new electric power washer and want to get the Handle you use and the foam cannon you use. What electric power washer would you recommend . Saw your video on the purple soap for canon . Can I get a complete list of everything you use? Sorry for the questions. I can give you my email if that is easier. Thanks Rob

  12. I’m still hoping you can do a quick video on your DI water set up. I’m currently in contact with a rep from Puretec asking them to consider opening a facility in the Houston Texas area. I’m new to the detailing industry and would like to be able to speak with them with the most knowledge I can gain.

  13. Thanks for sharing your process. I personally have found spraying a claylube dilution level of ONR after the rinse, but before the foam/wash adds a good deal more glide to the wash mitts and cleans effectively. It also seems to help reduce soap residue drying as fast in hot days.

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