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How to Use the TONE CURVE in Photoshop 2021 #PhotoshopBasics

Today in this Photoshop Basics tutorial I will be going though how to use the tone curve layer in photoshop CC, and the Camera Raw Filter 2021. This filter has a bunch of uses but I mostly use it for colour grading images and changing the brightness. I will go though how to change colours and how to use the colour wheel to get the best results when using the tone curve.

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#ToneCurve #Photoshop #PhotoshopBasics


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  1. What is the difference/benefit of using the RAW Filter Tone Curve versus a "standard" Curves Adjustment Layer found in Photoshop?
    It seems they do the same adjustments and with the regular Curves Adjustment Layer you don't have to create a Smart Layer to protect the photo because it is inherently non-destructive.
    Thank you for your clarification and your videos.
    Take care and stay safe.

  2. First to coment
    Your vids are really helpful keep up the work mate
    And just if you like can you make a tutorial of how to use the camera raw filter for its fullest extent
    Im a beginer and i dont know a lot of this you are my teacher.

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