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How to Use Split Warp | Photoshop 2020

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Today we look at Aaron’s favorite feature from the new Photoshop 2020 update–Split Warp! Learn how to use the new Split options within the Warp Tool to divide an image into subsections, allowing you to Warp smaller areas without affecting the entire photo!

Download the Sample Images:



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  1. That's great for people who want to futz with photos. For packaging designers, the old warp could be used to accurately manipulate flat artwork across three dimensional surfaces. It's practically useless now.

  2. Admittedly, I’m a beginner. I am trying to create a mockup of a blank Christmas ornament to change out designs. In ps19, I can do this easily. However, I can’t get it close in ps2020. In the custom shape section I wish they had a sphere. The two that are kinda close were extremely difficult to work with (in my opinion). Im spending way too much time on something I used to do so quickly. Am I missing something? Thanks.

  3. can you fix a wash basin to a wall?. The basin is in a different angle with the wall. I tried vanishing point and perspective, but its distorting the actual image. Can you help me place the basin.

  4. Hi, Is there a way of splitting the handles of each warp points like you can do it on a vector anchor handle with the convert point tool?
    Very often I feel the need it would be great to set a direction of the anchor handles, but the for of them are fixed according to I have no idea what, sometimes they are in 90degree to each other, sometimes not, but I cannot move them separately and completely makes warp impossible at some places.

  5. Can you do a video of how to update without losing all of your brushes, actions, Etc…. I am afraid to update to the 2020 because I always lose stuff when I update and don't know its gone until I need it and it's not there anymore. 🙁

  6. This is awful, warp becomes unusable. Thank you Adobe for breaking things that worked very well, lately it seems you are getting very good at this.

  7. Hi Aaron, I was wondering if you could do a more in depth tutorial involving some of the options within the options bar when working with warp tools? In particular there is a small box which allows you to click a square on the reference point locator. I'm having a nightmare trying to work out how to use this tool as I can't seem to find a tutorial that shows how and when and where it could be useful, Thanks in advance.

  8. In the first picture, you could have selected the shark using the quick selection tool and then chose to transform it without changing the rest of the photo.

  9. Here is what adobe should do: draw lines and warp.
    -1st you draw the limits so only the things inside the limit gets warped
    -2nd you draw skeleton lines that will be the guide for the warp
    -3rd you filter if you want to warp everything or ignore different elements (background)

  10. It’s ok… anyone who has understood liquify has been able to do all of this for pretty much ever, puppet warp was always my go to live preview warp tool for some time, but this is a feature that’s definitely been wanted and needed for a while, I do like that they added the ability to compartmentalize your warp to make it dense in selected areas.

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