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How to Use Mocha for Tracking and Clean up After Effects – Tips from a Professional VFX Artist


In this tutorial, industry legend and VFX for Motion instructor Mark Christiansen lays out one of his favorite tracking workflows which uses Mocha planar tracking, Photoshop, and some After Effects magic.

This is just a taste of the professional techniques taught in our VFX for Motion course. If you find yourself better off after this tutorial, just remember there’s a lot more where that came from, so make sure to check out our courses. Onwards!

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  1. im trying to put a graphics on the ground floor captured video footage and mocha does track but it somehow loses its head when im trying to copy track data unto the graphics.
    Making it all jumble mumble

  2. Good video for the most part… But you’re leaving out a lot of details and going over some of the stuff very quickly. As I’m sure you’re familiar with check out the tutorials on video copilot… He is incredibly detailed and easier to follow. But we still appreciate your videos.

  3. Thank you Mark for this AMAZING tutorial. And I really want to dive into the full course with you. But my mac seems to take the Mocha tracking time with much more time and difficulties, prompting 'nothing left to track' error message several times. I'm guessing it's due the machine . And how powerful of a machine would be required to take the "VFX For Motion" course? [I have a MacBook Pro (13-in, 2017)
    💻: Processor 2.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5. 💾Memory 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3. Storage: 128G. 📷Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536MB]

  4. Thank you so much for thisssss! But my null object is not following my track, also any other of my images 🙁 they all in perfect size with my clip

  5. hi, i have a question. when i am tracking leyer 1 and want to replace the logo from there I will do same what you do but my logo layer was disappear or too much small. what can I do? please sir reply me

  6. Awesome tutorial! New to Mocha. Question: So I followed your steps. I created two masks, 1st mask was the stop sign and 2nd mask is the street sign. In the Patch comp, when I turn the video into a guide, it throws off the 2nd mask (street sign). This only happens when I don't make the video a guide. Do you know why this would happen?

  7. I appreciate the tutorial but you move too quickly through several parts and fail to mention some key steps that leave those of us new to this approach scratching out heads. The cursor jumps around too much to areas not associated with the steps and the screen cuts are too harsh which further confuses. You need smoother transitions from zoom to not zoomed and cursor location highlighters… In the end I've had to spend a couple hours going though it several times only to have substandard results. I still do not understand how to get my replacement assets to to match there actual size 1:1 and my track drifts… and all I'm trying to do is apply a label to a box that pans off screen.

  8. I can confirm THIS COURSE IS AMAZING! just completing it, you will learn: matching, tracking, keying, ROTO, and some 3D integration 🤟😎 Mark is a wizard and shares his knowledge with ease! Cannot say enough good things about this course!

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