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How to Update Firmware on Nikon Coolpix B500 Camera (How To Update Nikon Firmware) | Sonika Agarwal

A very quick guide on how to update the firmware on any Nikon camera. Watch all my Nikon Coolpix B500 Photography Tips in one playlist:

Your camera’s firmware is the software that runs it. Updating your camera firmware is a necessary activity that you need to perform to get the latest features by Nikon and get rid of a few bugs in the old firmware. Do update your #camera firmware every 6 months as a necessary step.

Nikon Download Centre –

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  1. When I download the file and put it on the sd card, then put it in the camera. Once I get to firmware it doesn’t do anything other than show me the version I currently have.

  2. I dont know why but my coolpix b500 doesnt appear any detail or information, its just a full gray blank without any word on it so i cant setup my menu, even cant see date to setup. 😐

  3. Hi! I’m having trouble updating. My computer doesn’t give me the option to extract the file. I tried just copying it over to my SD but that didn’t work. I still have version 1.0. Help :/

  4. does updating the camera delete the pictures on it? on the website it says that images stores in the cameras internal memory will be deleted when the firmware is updated

  5. Hello. First of all I apologize for any eventual error in English, as I only speak the native language of Brazil.

    Congratulations now on the video and also for helping Nikon users

    I updated the Firmware, before I had difficulties connecting to Nikon via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, however sometimes it worked.

    With this new update, it simply does not connect via snapbridge and the Wi-Fi connection does not appear on my phone, even if it is activated.

    Do you know of any solution for this case?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Is this camera good for portrait, because I need a better details and I dont have enough money to buy some expensive camera. I like to take a picture of nature, but I also like to do a portrait. Pls answer..❤️

  7. Sonika ji i came across your channel today. I saw a couple of your videos, and i can tell that you are a great person. Could you please share how you manage to be so consistent?

  8. Quiero una cámara para estas navidades, ¿me podrías recomendar alguna? Es para tomar más fotos a la naturaleza o cosas similares. La verdad que mi dinero no alcanza un precio muy alto… solo busco algo sencillo.

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