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How to SWAP FACES in Photoshop | EASY

Learn how to SWAP FACES in Adobe Photoshop CC. This is a Face Swap Tutorial for beginners, where I show you how to swap the face of Charli D’Amelio with the face of Charlie Sheen and MATCH THEIR SKIN TONES 2 different ways (manually and using a simple 1-click method that does most of the work for you). Some of the tools used are the Lasso Tool (simple selection), Warp, Masking and Adjustment Layers.

0:00 Start
0:17 Take His Face Off
1:19 Get The Face in Place
2:14 Warp (if needed)
3:16 Mask the Extras
4:45 Match Skin Tones Manually
7:22 Match Skin Tones Curves

Intro Song: Complicate Ya by Otis McDonald
Outro Song: Stay (sting) by Otis McDonald

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial it really helped me but bro the amount of people in the comments that don't know what photoshop is is sendind me

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