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How to shoot Street Photography on the Canon EOS M100 – Settings and a secret weapon!

Today I’m on the streets of Birmingham testing out the Canon EOS M100. I’ve been using the Canon EOS M100 for a few months now and in this video I show you what settings I use for my street photography and street portraits. I also share with you my secret weapon and how I get seriously good focus.

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Canon EOS M100 with EF-M 15-45 mm lens
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Hi! My name is Leo and I live in Birmingham UK. I do a lot of photography on the streets of Birmingham, Street Photography and Street Style Photography.

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  1. Thank you very much for this video, May I make a request!
    Please be careful if anyone buys Canon EOS M100!!! After many months of studies about this camera, I bought it at a higher price in January 2021 from Canon's authorized dealer in my country. Most essential movie feature, the frame rates – 24 fps and 60fps are missing!!! – – I bought the camera with many hopes, I am really disappointed and frustrated – – My main need was video/movie, but I couldn't achieve it! Anyone who reads this comment, please check everything before you buy this camera in 2021, many features you see in reviews might be gone when buying it new?

  2. Thanks for the video, quite useful. I just got M100 and slowly getting into what stuff it can do, so far I ve been using 200D for couple of years. I mainly do photogrammetry, so I love grey days, even tho I also do some artsy photo sometimes. If you like lower apertures, it might be worth it to try some vintage lenses (manual focus), I can recommend my favourite lens Super Takumar 50mm 1.4, which you find for quite cheap prices on ebay, and adapters from M42 are also pretty cheap, also cool thing about manual focus is that when you nail the focus by hand its so much more satisfying, and especially with M100 which supports focus peaking its much easier (which is also one of the main reasons why I bought it). Also to stabilize camera might be useful to move it all the way forward to tighten the neck strap and use it as another stabilizing holder, tho there s lots of videos on variety of ways to hold the camera.

  3. Hi, thanks for this video. Awesome job. Can you advise regarding lens better then Canon default lens?
    Also did you notice with default lens when try to shoot close to flowers, I can't shoot, on display is square red with ! Thanks

  4. Great video! I just purchased an M100, first step up from using my phone. Taking a trip this weekend to Branson Mo, tons of people watching opportunity.Really appreciate the info!

  5. i don't normally like long videos, but this one was really interesting! AND ….. i could actually hear & follow all the dialogue, (even thru' all the background noise!) which makes a change! thank you! (was tickled by your dead cat!)

  6. Brilliant Leo, I have a M100 and feel like I havent been using it to its full potential since I got it over a year ago! Thankyou for this and keep doing what you're doing

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