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How to set up BACK BUTTON FOCUS for Canon. Wildlife Photography tutorial.

In this quick tutorial, Sabine demonstrates how to set up back button focus on a Canon DSLR camera.

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Discover why disconnecting autofocus from your shutter release button can improve your nature and wildlife photography.

Once you learn how to use back button focus, you will never go back to shooting without it.

About our weekly Photo Tips Video Series ►

In this weekly video series, our professional nature photography and wildlife photography team, brings you all the ‘how-to’, tips, tricks, hacks, advice, tutorials and techniques, including:
– Camera settings
– Post-production
– Photoshop
– Lightroom
– Tutorials
– Gear selection
– Editing

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Pangolin Photo Safaris operates in the Chobe, Northern Botswana throughout the year.

In our opinion, The Chobe National Park is the best year-round wildlife and nature photography destination in Africa – and that’s why we are based here.

All our game activities – on the Chobe River and on land within The Chobe National Park are hosted by Professional Pangolin Wildlife and Nature Photographers who feature in these films.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or absolute beginner, everyone is welcome at Pangolin Photo Safaris.

It is our firm belief that The Chobe is the best year-round nature and wildlife photography destination in Africa. There is always something to photograph in The Chobe! Add to that the option to photograph from the land as well as the water on our custom photo boats and you have everything you need for a world-class photo safari destination.

Along with the largest elephant population in Africa along, great predator sightings and spectacular birdlife, there is almost everything that you might want to see and photograph on a safari.

Chobe’s location between two other iconic destinations (Victoria Falls and The Okavango Delta) means incorporating our home into extended safari itineraries is also very easy and something we as a company specialise in.

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The views, information or opinions expressed during this video series belong solely to those individuals involved. Pangolin Photo Safaris is not responsible and does not verify for accuracy any of the information contained in the video series. No stock images are used in the video series. All images taken by the Pangolin Photo Safaris photo hosts are original.

The primary purpose of the video series is to educate and inform. Working in wildlife is not predictable, so we hope you watch and enjoy these videos in the spirit in which they were produced.

Please note that In the digital world of photography, editing, post production, retouching and post-processing is part of the final image process. We do offer sessions at the Pangolin Chobe Hotel where you can also learn these additional skills in producing amazing photographs.

The video series is available for private use only.

You may not edit, modify, or redistribute this video without permission from the copyright owner.

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  1. Hi, thanks a lot in advance.
    In focus locked, when focusing on a point,I presses the back button AF … Do I have to press the back button all the time or can I release and the focus locks on a point I selected? What happens in a following focus? Thank you again
    Wishing you excellent health and a return to routine

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