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How to Remove Noise From Video | Fix it in Post

As much as you try to avoid it, sometimes, you just gotta fix it in post. Doug teaches you how to remove video noise, discusses the different types of noise reduction and gives you a DaVinci Resolve tutorial on the subject.

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  1. i want to use denoiser for my youtube gameplay
    since the shaders that i use is too heavy to run denoiser in realtime(well i dont mind of the noise but i dont want my viewers did)

  2. I liked this video very much. I've been considering upgrading to the paid version of Resolve; so this may be the reason I do so. Also I appreciate your suggestion to check out Hand Brake.

  3. To be honest I had never considered noise reduction on video. I really want to try the last tip with my GoPro footage – youtube really seems to hammer that even in decent light.

  4. I love Denoiser in Resolve! I recently remastered some videos that were shot in SD over a decade ago and Resolve’s Denoiser made them look better than they originally looked. It far surpassed Red Giant’s Denoiser. I have to recommend it.

  5. Nothing in Adobe Premiere Pro without an add-in line Neat Video? I have DaVinci Resolve Studio (it came with the BMD camera) but have used Premiere Pro since version 1.

  6. Great video, but I would suggest using a much noisier shot (a shot were you really noticeable before and after) in the next video, so to make the final result really stand out. I say it because in the final part I had to go from 1080p to 2160p only to notice something, but I can imagine a lot of people that won't be able to do it, do to their internet connection. Even for me a couple of months ago it would have been impossible. Anyway thanks for all the things you teach us with every video…

  7. Noise isn’t caused by high iso. It’s is caused by a lack of light 💡 try lowering your shutter speed. Introduce more light. Use a prime lense. Change your Fstop 👍🏻

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