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How to remove ANYTHING from a photo in Photoshop. 3 WAYS!

How to remove anything from a Photo in Photoshop. Remove a person, remove braces from teeth and make power lines vanish in 3 quick tutorials, you will learn different ways of removing things from photos and different Photoshop tools.
Let me know if you like this tutorial, written steps coming soon at


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  1. Would have been nice if you could give as the sample images to practice for ourselves and zoom in every detail when clicking a tool or doing the actual work (It would have been really cool)

  2. I’m having a hard time moving the people in my picture. I did it once but can’t do again. I think it’s the way my layers are. I need help better understand the layers and how they need to be

  3. I gave u an immediate thumbs-up just for having Eddie's guitar on the wall behind you, brother. Well done. Great video, too. I've been working on removing people and their chairs and fishing poles from a beach wedding shot I made recently. It's KILLING me! I cannot get the textures of the sand and the sea to match up. When I use the clone stamp tool, it's very easy to see where my cursor has left its path because the lighting is different. Even when I pull back, the edit is very obvious. I'm about to just crop the damn photo and call it a day, but I wanted to get the whole expanse of the beach. What to do?

  4. At least you go slow enough to understand. Way to many videos go way to fast! Thank you for explaining and going slower than most others. I have subscribed as others I won't even bother. No point as they speed through the explanation or just film it fast. Can't learn anything that way and that's the whole point. Just my opinion.

  5. Thank you very much Colin for making this Tutorial I've been trying to to find easier ways of getting rid of the Electrical Wires. I was wondering if you can do an Advanced Tutorial where the Electrical Wires are in a Hard Area like Trees or in front of a Subject like Houses/Buildings etc.? Also, learning how to Remove a Person was Fantastic as I have old Photos that I want to Scan which leads me to my next question what type of Scanner would be Good for Scanning Old Photo Prints? I have a 3 in 1 Epson Printer and I have scanned Photos before but sometimes if they are printed on certain Photo Papers that have Textures on them I was wondering How to Remove these Textures so that they don't destroy the Subject for ex: Dots on My Boys Baby Printed Pictures that were done at JCpenney when they were younger before I started Photography? Also, Thank you for showing how to Remove Braces as I have old Photos of My Boys that I want to Scan and get rid of their Braces. Colin You Are Absolutely Fantastic for not only Sharing your Knowledge on YouTube but also Providing Us with Written Steps which is very very helpful 👍🏻 My Facebook Page is Andrea DeBiaso and you can send me a message through Messenger. Just a little bit about myself and the Programs that I use…
    I only Photoshop for Editing my Photos and I use Corel's (which used to be Jasc) Paint Shop Pro version 9 to Create My Graphics and Digital Scrapbooking, before Paint Shop Pro started making it Geared to Photographers, and also I use Animation Shop that was created by Jasc which Corel got rid of and I find that Animation Shop is way better than using Photoshop Animation as the Animations are soo much smoother. Paint Shop Pro is much easier to use as they don't put so many steps like Photoshop and make it difficult to understand. I like the fact that if I did a step wrong all I have to do is go to the top and click the turn icon to undo or click the icon to redo. The Color Box is on the Top Right and it includes where you can make Patterns, Gradients and Strokes. On the top bar you can create and save your different types of Bevels, Line Strikes like Stitches, Arrows at each end, and other lines that you create and it's just a click away like the same way as looking at the Brushes in Photoshop. Another thing is when you make Shape of any kind you don't get the pixelated edges, they come out nice and clean. The Program has Scripts which is another term for Actions. It has it all like Styles but it's soo much easier to use to Create my Graphics. The only thing is even with the newer versions of Paint Shop Pro the Camera Raw is not as Great as Adobe Camera RAW and Editing my Photos. Though I have upgraded it to Paint Shop Pro X9 I honestly haven't given it a try, but I will soon enough and when I do I will contact you if that's okay? Okay! I'm Blabbering away LOL! Thank you again and I am enjoying watching all your Tutorials and Learning so much. 👍🏻❤😍👏👏👏

  6. In the first example

    1. Select the guy AND parts of the blank wall.
    2. Copy that selection to a new layer
    3. On the new layer with just the Guy and the blank parts of the wall, select the GUY …. THEN use Content Aware Fill.
    4. Clean up
    5. Flatten

    The idea is to only have what you want the selection filled with on that layer.

  7. Though I followed your instructions exactly as you delivered them, I am not getting the same results trying to remove the power lines. Background layer > new layer > Spot Healing Brush > Sample all layers > left bracket to set size > click at beginning of wire, release > hold shift then click at end of wire. I am left with remnant of the wire below it and portions of the star part of the sign. What could I be doing wrong?

  8. I've used most of these techniques before, but as always you show me a bit of a new twist. Excellent! Would love to see you cover the mixer brush feature.. Thanks, Colin!

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