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How to Make Video Tutorials with Screencastify

Learn how to make video tutorials for students in Sam Kary’s education technology tutorial. In this video, teachers will learn the basics of how to setup and use Screencastify to record tutorial videos and share them with students on Google Classroom.

Sam always creates screen capture videos before rolling out new tech programs because they are easy to make, and help students retain information, as well as learn at their own pace.

Screencastify video tutorials are also a great tool if you are using a flipped classroom model.

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Interested in the software I use to create my videos? Check out the links below! Many of these products offer a free trial to start and just clicking on the link helps to support The New EdTech Classroom and this channel! (Full disclosure: the following links are affiliate links, so The New EdTech Classroom would receive a portion of the sale if you were to decide to move forward with a subscription!)

Screenflow is a dynamic, intuitive video editing software that I use to create all of my YouTube videos. They’re currently offering a free trial! Get more details here:

I use Adobe Spark Post to design all of my YouTube thumbnails, as well as for the graphics and web page creation, as well as video projects I make with my students. More information here:

If you’re interested in creating a website, these are a couple of programs I personally use and highly recommend:

Bluehost is a web host that offers a professional platform for your website. You can check them out here:

Elementor is a powerful tool that helps with clean visual design for your website as well as marketing to further your website’s influence. More details here:

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  1. Great video. I didn't know about this until now. I teach at Grossmont College, El Cajon, California and I am a music professor. This added tool will greatly help my students. Thanks again!!

  2. This might sound absolutely insane, but how do you create a Screencastify tutorial using Screencastify? I'm trying to show my students how to present their art virtually and post their recording link on a their Enotebook Slide.

  3. Did you make a video for the students on how THEY can record (a speech or something that uses the camera to record them)? If so, are you willing to share it with me so I can watch it and either use it or make one of my own based on it?

  4. Is there a way to use screencastify to record off an android that I'm using as a document camera? I teach prek and need to show them what i'm doing with manipulatives.

  5. Great tutorial! I made a shortcut to your tutorials because I need to learn everything before schools starts 🙂 OK so two questions: 1) where do I locate my Screencastify videos and 2) what is the best way to show two windows (tabs) at the same time on my Chromebook? Thank you!

  6. Great video. Great information. Delivery was super fast. I have to watch this over and over again to get what you were presenting. That's my only complaint. Way too fast.

  7. Hi, Sam. Thank you for all of you wonderful videos! They have been very helpful. I use Screencast-O-Matic because I need to add captions to my videos. Does either Screencastify or Screen flow have Speech-to-text captioning available as well? Thanks!

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