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How to install any Adobe software for FREE on Mac | Mohammed Suraif

Install adobe photoshop, lightroom, premiere pro, after effects, etc. for FREE

Download the creative cloud APP here
Link 1:

Download Adobe Zii here
Link 2:

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  1. I wanted to remove the creative cloud afterwards but it said I was not able not uninstall because I am using its apps. Anyone else ran into this problem?

  2. You are amazing. It works. I was able to patch Acrobat Pro DC. After patching, should I resign in Creative cloud? Can Adobe Zii 2021 6.1.3 patch Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 and Adobe Animate 2021?

  3. ive downloaded all of these files and none of them are opening because "they are not supported" on my mac. tutorial wouldve been nice

  4. I am not able to install the adobe Zii patch 2021 on my mac as it says "The file “GateKeeper_Helper.command” could not be executed because you do not have appropriate access privileges." Please advice.

  5. Assalamu Alaikum bro
    I am a low-config Laptop user and I want The earlier versions like CC 2019/17 etc. How can I get it from creative cloud and patch them for windows?

  6. Hola. Todos se me parcharon super bien. El único que no fue Ilustrator porque creo que tiene una versión más adelante que el parche. Como podría resolver este problema. Muchas Gracias por todo!

  7. Hey there, thanks for vid. Quick question, on Adobe Zii it shows the versions it can patch for each software (e.g Lightroom classic v.10.0 -10.2), does this mean that if I download the current Lightroom classic version from the creative cloud (v.10.3) Adobe Zii wouldn't be able to patch it ?

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